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I find myself at a bit of bewilderment regarding a 750pt list for an upcoming friendly tourney.
The matches are <75 minutes on a 4x4 table. Which is great if you're an ork, not so good for anyone else. :-/

The specs for force design are:

1+ HQ
2+ troops
2! of 0-1 Elite, FA, HS

This is what I've come up with:

Archon, punisher, t-helm, shadowfield, drugs, grenades
Haem, destructor, scissorhand

5 x wyches, wych weapons, grenades, succubus+agoniser, raider
(both HQs bolt onto this squad in the raider)

10 x warriors, 2 x darklances
5 x warriors, 1 x darklance, raider
10 x warriors, 2 x splinter cannon, 2 x blaster (steal the raider for a super-gunboat)

1 x talos

It's a bit of a generalist list. I reckon I can mess up MEQs (possibly not the new spacewolves), but will struggle with orks, maybe nids (I can execute MCs quite handily), and possibly IG.

Is there anything I've missed?
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