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750pts Conflict List

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750pts List


Force Weapon
Psychic hood
Bolt pistol
Frag Grenades
Fury of the Ancients
Fear of Darkness
Combat Shield
Terminator Honours


Tactical Squad

6 Space Marines
Heavy Bolter
Plasma gun

Tactical Squad

6 Space Marines
Heavy Bolter
Plasma gun

Tactical Squad

8 Space Marines
Melta Gun
True Grip

Heavy Support

Devastater Squad

8 Space Marines
4 Missile Launchers


Please comment on my list as i am just starting and this is my first real list.:yes:
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Good Start on the list, I see someone has been reading Chaosbrynn's Tactica. Here's my $0.02:

1. Drop the Librarian - He's taking up alot of points, and it would be a shame to see him taken out in the first round of combat by another HQ. Unless you're going to have him sit back and use his powers, he isn't your best bang for the buck. By my guess he's taking almost 200+ points, which is alot for HQ. A better option would be to replace him with a chappy with basic equipment. You'd get a solid HQ choice with a cost in the area of 100 points.

2. Transport - All your army is currently footslogging across the board. Also, you won't be able to fire that Heavy Bolter for a few rounds because you'll be carring it all over creation. I would recommend using the points saved from the librarian for one of two things: Infiltrate (use "See but don't be Seen" divergence) or Drop Pods. I don't recommend Rhinos or Razorbacks due to their ability to be popped easily. Using either transport will get your guys into the fray faster. Just don't use it if you're going against a really assaulty army (orcs for instance).

3.Third tac squad, the one with the meltas - Definitely put them in a drop pod and then drop them near the enemy armor, you'll open alot of tin cans quickly. The true grit may help you in that situation, but I'd also suggest rounding the squad out to a nice 10.

Past that Looks good. I wish you luck.

Good Hunting.
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Thank you for your help. but the reason that i am not using drop pods or infiltrate is that
the conflict im going to plays by the alpha rules so i cant use them and if i drop the libariun then i will have 70pts or so spare and i dont know what to use them on and i dont have many more models and no money to buy any more:cry:

I might use a chappie and then bump up all my squad sizes but my main plan is just to stand and shoot the enemy so im trying to maximize the number of heavy weapons i have.:yes:
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