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Here is my army list so far. I am still fairly new, I have played for 3 months and I am hoping to build my army up to 1000.

Legion of Carnage

Chaos Lord
+ Mark of Khorne
+ Daemon Weapon
Total: 140 points

4 Chaos Terminators
+ 1 Terminator Champion
+ Powerfist
+ 4 Combi Plasma
+ Heavy Flamer
Total: 165 points

8 Khorne Berzerkers
+ Rhino
Total: 203 points

10 Chaos Space Marines
+ Aspiring Chapmion
+ Power Fist
Total: 190 points

Heavy Support:
1 Obliterator - 75 points
Total: 75 points

Total Points: 773 points

I don't know what to change or buy next. I just got the Obliterator for christmas.

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I'd first like to start off welcoming you to the ranks of the Chaos Space Marines, may your slaughters be swift and never merciful! Let's get to business on your list:

You HQ looks pretty good, the Khornate Daemon Weapon can be very iffy and I, myself, wouldn't use one, but I've heared many tales on how well it's worked for others so I'd say keep it if you like it.

The termies need a little bit of tweeking. Remove the Champion upgrade on the one as it's not needed and switch the combi-plasmas to combi-meltas for extra tank killing. I'd also look into adding a Chain Fist to one of them for additional tank killing.

Your troops look good as well, just a few additions here. Add a Skull Champ with a Power Fist to the Berzerkers for tank killing and monstrous creature battles, I can't stress enough how helpful it is when you come toe to toe with a Carnifex. You regular Marines could use 2 melta guns for, bare with me, added tank killing and a Rhino to keep them safe while traversing the battlefields.

As for what to buy next, obviously as stated above I believe your next purchase should be a second Rhino for your CSM. Other than that, more Oblits, maybe a Defiler and another squad of troops with another Rhino. I think 3-4 squads of troops is an absolute must when you hit 1500 pts and up as we have the best troops choices in the game in Berzerkers, Plague Marines and our basic CSM and they will almost never steer you wrong.

Hope some of this helped, and I did realise while writing this that my tweeks to your list takes you above 800 pts. If you're looking to absolutely not go above 800 quite yet, just remove the champ upgrade from your termies and add a Rhino to your CSM, forget the other upgrades.

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Welcome to LO :)

I've since edited out the individual point costs in your first post, as it's against forum rules and copyright infringement. You can include the total point costs for any squad, including individual models that comprise a squad, although you cannot include point costs for upgrades.

See rules #8 Rules of Librarium Online

Also, your terminators are illegal, as you have five ranged weapons for four termi models.
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