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Any thoughts? And you can yell at me for useing only 18 Fire wariors if you feel it nessecary!

850 point Tau Army List

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team HQ
Shas’o- 75pts Shas’ve- 40pts
Missile Pod- +14pts Fusion Blaster- +12pts
Plasma Rifle- +16pts Missle Pod- +14pts
S. Generator +20pts S. Generator- +20pts
Multitracker +10pts Target Lock- +20pts
Target Lock + 7pts Total 86pts
Total 142pts

Shas’ve- 40pts Total= 297 pts.
Plasma rifles- +24pts
Multitracker- + 5pts
total 69pts

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Monat’
Shas’ui- 30pts
Plasma rifle- +16pts
Missle Pod- +14pts Total= 65 pts.
Multitracker- + 5pts
total 65pts

Fire Warrior Team(1) Fire Warrior team(2)
11 Shas’la- 110pts 5 Shas’la- 50pts
Shas’ui- 20pts Shas’ui- 20pts
Marker Light- +10pts Markerlight- +10pts
Target Lock- + 7pts total 80pts
Drone Control + 2pts
Gun Drone +10pts
total 159pts Total= 239 pts.

Heavy Support
Hammerhead Gunship XV88 Broadside Battlesuit monat
Hammer head- 90pts XV-88 Shas’ve- 80pts
Ion Cannon- +30pts S. Generator- +20pts
S.M.S.- +10pts Multitracker- +10pts
Disruption Pod- + 5pts Total 105pts
Total 135pts
Total= 240 pts.

Total= 846 points

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Its a good list with a good variety of units, that posting software is really annoying, eh?

Does it to my VDR statlines
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