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Well I'm sure no-one was wondering who I was anyway but I am bored and I probably should have done this before I started sticking my oar in.

Anyhow, Hi I'm Jack Blood.

Well not really of course, that is just a handle I use for online affairs that has evolved over the years and seems to have stuck to the point where nowaday there are actually some people I meet in real life who are more comfortable calling me JB rather than John. Funny sort of world Isn't it?

I live in the NE of England, I am Irish but have lived in England for 24 years now and I am 30 next year. I got into the hobby in an organic fashion but one that is repeated the world over I guess and is in my bloaty headed opinion one of the finest pedigrees you can get - I am old blood in more ways than one!

I started early in life with the standard interest in Starwars - bearing in mind in my younger years the real films were actually being released year by year and those were exciting times of course. This really got me into the whole cult following mindset I suppose.

Later in Junior School I got into the whole Fighting Fantasy range of books by SJ and IL, well you know how that goes. I later read LoTR and all the associated books (really all of them including the tedious essays by Christopher Tolkien on JRR's spin on Norse and Saxon Mythology) - Kind of about this time I bought my first lead miniatures.

They were from the original LoTR range from Citadel Miniatures, they were Hobbits of the Shire - 5 lead miniatures which cost £1.50. I think at that young age I painted them in Humbrol enamel paints although in the nature of things I stripped them off regularly and repainted them.

Later I progressed through the whole range not only of GW games but also D&D, Palladium, StarTrek, you name it - mostly pen and paper stuff at that point.

I got heavily into WH at the age of probably 13 (1988 the first edition rules *sigh*)- FB, FR and 40k.

40k felt like coming home to Sci-Fi after being lost in the badlands of fantasy for so long. The scope at that time for creativity was immense - nothing was specified, yes there was background material included but free rein was given to alter and adjust whatever you liked and so everyone made the game into whatever they wanted it to be really at this point.
Let me just say people used to come up with all sorts of funny ideas for weapons and races and scenarios and stories back then. Some were good ideas, some were unworkable and some were purest rubbish to be honest - I'll try not to be disparaging here but based on what we have nowadays things like 'The Tau' and 'The Necrons' would have been put in the same box as my friend Jamie's 'Space Skaven'.

I kind of preferred those days to be honest even though the miniatures that were available at that point to support the game were not of the topmost quality. Nonetheless I had a monstrously large Dark Angels Army (easy as SMs were £10 for a box of 30 'beakies' which were good little figures even at that early stage) Rhinos, Terminators, a fair few Dreadnoughts, Jetbikes (what the hell happened to them?) Must have been the best part of 3 companies in todays money and completely unfieldable nowadays. They were all in the original black and red livery. I also had an Iyanden Eldar craftworld army whose notable feature was that it brought to the field 15 dreadnoughts and another 5 assorted warwalkers and spirit warriors - Huzzah they only cost £3.50 in those days for what is to all extents and purposes EXACTLY the same model you get nowadays! Then I had a break and believe it or not I just threw all my gear in the bin, in four or five big bags. They are probably at the bottom of a landfill site even now.

I have had many breaks from the hobby over the years, the first major one came when I started my GCSEs (1990 I suppose?) after I finally decided to come back to the hobby all my old gaming chums had shot off to various sixth form colleges around the county, joined the armed forces, died or become farriers. On my return I decided I was an Elf and so started collecting a High Elf Army for WHFB - This was the largest Army I ever collected and ended up being a potential 120,000 points worth in total although it must be said that the Great Lead Sale assisted greatly in bumping up the maximum points value and a lot of those miniatures were destined not only never to feel the sting of undercoat but not even to be cracked out of their blisters. Actually at this stage I really collected most WHFB armies to a greater or lesser extent - I could probably field at least 1000pts of any army you could name but only because figs used to come out and I just HAD to paint them...

This was all whilst I was at university doing my Engineering degree and whilst I was there I was also working for GW as a multipurpose scurrying minion.

Later I had another break and that lasted for quite a while, until last month infact when I decided to have a look at things again.

I am currently painting up a Nightlords force - mainly because I like the colour blue to be honest. Also because the Forgeworld Dreadnoughts are smashing and I will post pics of my NL one shortly.

I am also Umming and ahhing about starting some form of Imperial second rank troops. Possibly starting a storyline including a full planetary system based around a forgeworld and its supporting planets. I have ideas involving techpriests and servitors, possibly lobotomised guardsmen with cybernetic implants but reduced Initiative. Then possibly a nearby agricultural world that provides food supplies but has a largely agrarian population but one that is becoming more technologically advanced and independent and so their governing body is coming into conflict with the synod of the Techpriests on the Forgeworld who view the farming planet as a vassal and necessary for the survival of.... well I wont bore you with the details.

Now I will be fair here, I do not game any more. I don't have any gaming partners to be honest and at my age I can't be bothered to make any more new friends really and the friends I do have are more in line with my main loves in life that is alcohol, socialising, random lunacy Rugby and rampant womanising.

I think you have to keep a range of hobbies basically and should try not to focus on one thing alone.

Infact I don't have a copy of the latest rules and anything with rules in it would be a waste of money as far as I am concerned. I like the background material, I love reading and looking at creative material by other people, I like to create new stuff myself that fits into the 'canon'. My main enjoyment in the hobby is painting and converting the miniatures and creating background settings for them to use. Because of this I suppose army lists and the suchlike are of no real interest, points are irrelevant and winning is of no consequence.

Background colour is everything I think.

And I don't look like Burt Kwouk but like the JB thing the avatar has stuck aswell. :D

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You don't play?!?
You know you can play in GW stores? Give it a go...

As of this moment (comments in 1. excepted) you are my GOD. (Well, in all matters concerning the collection of High Elves!)
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