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Hi Friends-

I had a great story here about how I used to play Mordheim when it first came out, then went to college... and now I'm back to playing again. Sadly it was eaten by my lack of a login.

Regardless! I am back at it and after a failed Witch Hunter warband I've decided to stick to my green tendencies

I thought I'd throw a band together and see how it sounds (pun intended)
'Ere we go!

Boss- bow and halberd
Shaman- Axe and club
Bigun- Club and Sword
Bigun- Halberd

1 orc boy w/ axe and club
4 Goblins with bows
3 goblins with spears
1 goblin w/ prodder
2 squigs

let me know whatcha think!

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Before I post, I'd like to make a disclaimer: This comes from a person who has about a weeks experience in this game, so feel free to disagree.

From what I know, items that preserve characters are excellent. Nothings more irritating than having all your characters die in a bloodbath and 3 of them rolling "Dead" on the Injury table. Armour and suchlike will help prevent this. I'd drop a character or some troops and get some armour for your remaining characters.

The sword and buckler combo is unoriginal, but it works. I think it's worth it's gold in the bigger picture.

Another handy ally here is ranged support. You seem to have a good amount here. Maybe include a few more missile weapons in your list though? Just another one should do you fine.

Otherwise, it looks very solid. I'd drop a goblin spearman for a goblin bowman, and maybe drop a Big 'Un or Shaman for some armour for your characters.


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They changed the rules so that spears don't always strike first in mordheim. So on Goblins I don't think they're worth it. But free daggers plus extra daggers are amazing. The ability to get extra attacks makes even crappy troops like goblins worth it. Never take a 2 handed weapon when you can take 2 regular hand weapons, especially at the start. When you roll the +1 attack, then buy a 2 handed weapon.

Also, the big power of the orcs is that you can take bows and crossbows, and still get to have a toughness 4 model charging. I would max out on the bows in your orc heroes, and try to spring for the crossbow on your orc boss, as his BS is better than the rest.

Keep in mind that that taking more goblins hurts in mordheim when one of them rolls "'lad's got talent." They just die and you lose whatever they've gained for themselves. I don't like the rule and it doesn't encourage you to take goblins. Orcs are the best choice for the points. I'd run about 3 goblins, a squig or two, and take the rest as orcs.
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