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Old Zogwort
145 pts

Big Mek with SAG, Burna, Boss pole, Cybork body

12 Tankbusters + Nob with BP and HA + 2 Tank hammers + 3 squiq bombs
+Trukk with red paint, grot riggers, extra armour

15 Kommandos + 2 burnas inc Snikrot

25 boyz with shootas + 2 big shootas + Nob with PK and BP

30 boyz with slugga&choppas + 3 Rokkits + Nob with PK and BP

3 x 12 boyz with slugga&choppas + Nob with PK and BP
+ 3 x Trukk with red paint, grot riggers, extra armour

30 x Grots + 3 runtherds

17 Stormboyz inc Zagstruk
277 pts

10 Flash gits with blastas + More Dakka upgrade + painboy + grot orderly + 3 ammo runts
+Trukk with red paint, grot riggers, extra armour

3 Big Guns (Zapp) + 3 ammo runts + 6 extra grots + runtherd

3 Big Guns (Kannon) + 3 ammo runts + 6 extra grots + runtherd

Total 2827

I have just in the last few months gone into Orks in a big way as I like the character and the vast conversion opportunites. I am trying to shave this list to 2500pts any suggestions? The whole concept about it is to build a list with the Ork army lists most exciting characterful units where my pocket allows, sadly I can’t yet afford a unit of deathkopters. It’s by no means a tournament army but that saying I would like it to be competitive as while I am used to an uphill struggle coming from a daemonhunter (the only army you cant build a competive list in) background it does take some of the fun out of it if your always having to be on your best. I am unsure about the flashgits, being really damn pricey, but I have made some awesome conversions and I have as yet been unable to field for just hat reason. I cant help but wonder if I can’t find place for them in 2500pts were will find one. For Those wandering what the grots role is it’s as a human shield for Mek to stop him being killed off in round 1. Cheers
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