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So you're probably wondering why I made this. While I answer a lot of rules questions, there are some threads that just make me think "Eh?!" - so the purpose of this thread is to help you to help us (And helping you. I think that makes sense).

First up, let's deal with some really general questions that crop up from time to time:

"My opponents says X - is it true?"

If he's Phil Kelly, then it's a possibility. If he's just another player like yourself, then all bets are off.

If your opponent says something you don't believe, question it - Codices aren't secret documents. If your opponent (or even you!) has got something wrong, you'll know for next time.

"In the old codex unit Y had rule A" or "I can't find rule B, where is it?"

Lets make one thing clear in very simple terms. Once a codex gets a new version, the old one is gone. Dead. Finito. Forget it ever existed - if a rule isn't in the current codex, it's not a rule.

And if you can't find a rule, even after looking's not a rule.

"I have a question about the Dark Eldar codex..."

I'd take a guess at "Why, God, Why?!?!?" but I might be wrong.

I'm not saying people shouldn't ask about the Dark Eldar codex, but keep in mind that some of the things it says don't always gel with the 4th ed BGB. So while some rules might look horribly out of place they're still correct since the book is current (if getting increasingly out of date).

Asking a rules question - the secrets of the galaxy revealed.

I have a pretty expansive knowledge of the rules. But so can anyone within reason, even if you don't want to buy every codex there is. So lets go through some simple steps to get that question answered.

1. Read the rulebook or codex (or both).

"Yes, Rork, I know, Rork" is what you might be thinking. But posting here should be a last resort, not the first. Half the time I just pull the relevant book off the shelf and read the necessary paragraph.

Remember to check pages you might skim over. Pg 21 of Codex: Eldar is a classic example - it tells you how autarchs benefit from exarch powers. It does help to take your time and read around the codex.

Of course, if I've pointed you to this thread after you've posted first and not read the rules (or this sticky) there's a fair chance you're feeling a little stupid right now. Stickies really are here for a good reason, not just for our amusement.

2. Read the FAQ(s).

Well, if GW have got off their arses and actually made it for your army, of course.

3. Post your question.


But in the words of those Grolsch adverts: "Schtop!"

The more you can tell us, the easier it is. If you can give page references and explain the situation as clearly as possible it makes life so much easier for everyone who wants to help (remember we aren't mind readers).

The "I'm Spartacus!" clause.

"You what?"

You know, those threads that go around and around (for 10 pages) with two sides have the "right" answer with both refusing to back down. Sometimes there is no clear answer to a question. Remember this is the internet, in your average game you don't really have time for 10 minutes of repeating yourself until one guy gets fed up and leaves.

When there is no discernible answer, be prepared to do things your way in your gaming group. In such instances one player's opinion is no more valid than another. Fundamentally, it's a game - if different people interpret things in a different way then nothing bad is going to happen (Well, we might drop by for a 'word').
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