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Just thought I would clarify a few things for everyone with regards to posting threads and posting on threads within the News, Rumours and Previews section.

  • Please refrain from starting a new thread on a subject if there is an existing thread for it unless there has been sufficient time gap since the old thread was last posted on. Any action required will at the discretion of the Moderators.

  • Do not post threads with misleading titles stating one thing but then being about something completely different. This is frowned on.

  • Do not start up a thread with the intent to ask a question such as if anyone knows any rumours about a particular army or game system. Those threads are frowned on by the mods, super mods and admins as a whole and will be locked/deleted.

  • If you do wish to know something with regards to news or rumours then try to use the search function on the top right of the forum page or look in the army section for that race as often rumours get posted there as well.

  • If linking to other sites then ensure it is relevant to the thread and is not simply to advertise your own blog or a friends website. All links will be inspected by the moderators and will be left to their discretion.

  • When posting images please ensure the images are relevant and not offensive and/or abusive. Humour will be allowed as long as it is not offensive or abusive and/or does not derail the thread. All images will be inspected by the Moderators and any action required will be left to their discretion.

  • Please refrain from posting anything that will violate the Copyright or breach the Intellectual Property of a person, persons or company (ie: Games Workshop, Privateer Press...etc). Particularly points costs or alluding to points costs compared to models in current codices or army books. Any action required will be at the discretion of the Moderators.

  • Thread hijacking will not be tolerated.

  • Any trolling, flaming or abusive behavior WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE TOLERATED!

  • Please try to keep threads on subject. Some deviation can be tolerated as long as it does not derail the thread which will result in the thread being locked.

  • Keep the language clean. Any swear words will be edited.

JvK B)
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Not open for further replies.