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A few rules questions

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I had a quick skim over the thread and couldn’t see anything similarly entitled to the below, so I apologise for any repetition any repetition.

1 – Should Necrons be allowed to turbo-boost? Some of their models are treated as bikes, so does this entitle them to the T-B rule?

I seriously can’t imagine a Necron whirling across the battlefield, only a slow advance as seen in the Winter Assault.

2 – Space Marine leadership. When a commander is present, any squad may choose to use his leadership. It’s my understanding that any squad may do this but how many times per turn?

Cheers for any response, I’m sure I’ll think of more.
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1 - THe majority of Necrons can turbo-boost, yes. Wraiths, destroyers, heavy destroyers, scarabs can, and there may be more, but i'm not sure. Warriors definitely can't, but bear in mind that turbo boost in general will get necrons closer, which in most cases they don't want to be - they can work fine at medium range.

2 - The marines can use the commander's leadership all the time as long as the commander is still alive. I'm not sure if this extends to things like the animus speculum though, or just for morale and pinning tests - i'd have to look that up. But yes, as long as he is alive, all the marines can use his lovely high leadership for all their tests.

Can't help on the marines question but yes, the necrons can definately turbo-boost. The army is a funny mixture of ploddingly slow and startlingly fast. Note that the wraiths scan fly straight through scenery too, so they can be horrendously quick.
I therefore add one extra notch to my dislike for marines, and I can only say 'WTF?' with respect to necrons. Cheers.
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