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A force using only new models - viable?

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Hey guys,

So I love the new models, just love them (mostly the plastics). Right now I hvae a screaming bell, doomwhee, 20 plaguemonks and LOTS of clan/slave rats painted up. I am moving on to paint some stormvermin and a plague furnace next.

Thing is, I hear such great things about censer bearers but

- i dont like the models much
- they are direct only and the GW site says 5 weeks backorder

- also not a big fan of the old weapon teams or jezzail models.

Is a force made up only of the new models (and some giant rats for good measure) going to be too gimped, would you say?
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I'm not certain that you would be gimped... you wouldn't have as much range, but you'd still have some heavy hitters in the form of rat ogres or the hellpit abomination, and could whittle down the enemy's units with rare choices... But may I suggest an alternative:

If you do a few conversions, its quite possible to get units of PCB's without going through the metals. The Plague Monk box has four flail-like arms, and more than a few long pole-like thingies... If you're careful, you can turn those into two-handed flails. so that nets you 4 PCB's per box of Plague Monks... there are other methods you could employ to stretch this further, such as asking a Warriors of Chaos playing friend if they have extra flails from their marauders that are left over or an Empire playing friend if he has any flail-y bitz left over from a unit of flagellants he or she may be building (or buying said flails from ebay, bitzbarn, the warstore, etc.) Attatch to the long poles supplied in the plague monk boxes and you can kill-kill the man-things once more with the censers.

weapons teams and jezzails are a little more difficult and money-consuming to convert up out of the new plastics, but still possible!

Someone made a tutorial a while back for converting eshin jezzails out of plastic night runners, old clanrat shields and empire handguns. I would indeed hasten to add that you could more than likely achieve a similar effect with the new clanrats, by cutting away the spears from the arms and attatching the gun barrel. I thought it might still be stickied here but I don't see it.

Weapons teams would be done similarly to the jezzails, two clanrats, base or guitar strings as any cords needed... a ratling gun could be made out of an empire repeater handgun, warp-grinders out of man-catchers from the rat ogre/giant rat kit and maybe one of the warpstone crystals off the front of the doomwheel, warpfire throwers similarly made by simply getting a tube of plasticard as the barrel. Plague mortars would be done similarly... or if you REALLY need a GW plastic bit, try gluing an imperial guard mortar onto the back of a clanrat or globadier.
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thanks! Yep I had not realized there are 4 "censer" arms in each plague monk box. Since I need 10 more for my Plague Furnace unit, I can buy another box and convert up some PCBs. Cool.
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