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A little problem with colour-coordination

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Right well, i've got my guard as jungle fighters, so they're in scorched brown/goblin green/rotting flesh camo. yes i used goblin green, so sue me.


I've got some space marines I want to paint up, but I want them to 'go' with the guard so it all looks fairly similar. however, space marines don't look too great brown. because wooden power armour just isn't that great.

so i was wondering, has ANYONE got any ideas on a space marine colour scheme that would go alongside some jungle fighting guardsmen. the army is pretty varied (lots of abhumans, inquisitors kicking about) and bear in mind that the space marines will involve dreadnaughs (6 actually) so ideally i need some kind of combination that won't look bizzare on a vehicle.

any ideas yet? get replying if you do :p
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a green with a hint of yellow can look good, like the raptors chapter, maybe something along those lines?
I doubt brown will look bad as a secondary or tertiary color. You could use green as the main color with brown as a second color (trim and such) -- depending on the shades you use, this could end up looking like other chapters (Dark Angels for a darker green, Scorpions, I think?, for a brighter green).
I don't think brown would look bad even as a primary color. You could even go for a brown metallic such as tin bitz. Best thing to do is to paint up a couple with your test colors and see what actually looks good. You could always strip the paint and start over if you don't like it.

A darker brown with bone trim/highlights would actually look quite nice.


You could do a varied green. Basecoat black, wash DA green, then drybrush a lighter green, and then paint camo designs on it in an even lighter green.
If you're extrememly averst to using browns perhaps just mix some green and brown together and get like a muddy greenish color.

Marine 1: Hey...I think we should use brown in our paint scheme. You know, help us blend in with this jungle place.

Marine 2: No way man, then it will look like I have power armor made of wood.

Marine 1: Yeah, thats the point man.

Marine 2: That is so out this season though, my woman wants me to stay away from the earthtones. She says they make me look like a schoolteacher.

Marine 1: Shut up man. Damn metrosexuall bull...grumble grumble.'re not actually WEARING those lavender briefs she sent you are you!?
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Yes I would also recommend the raptor scheme, failing that, try undercoating, dry brushing ure brown over a white prime then making ure green ink, getting your green, watering it down to ink consistency then adding a little bit of dishwashing liquid in the mix, keep your ink consistency to that of a new ink
You could try a color combo similar to my chapter's. I basecoat black, then drybrush catachan green, highlight with catachan green up to camo green. Gives a darker, deeper and more "brown" green color to the armor. Look in the gallery for some of the examples.
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