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a poor man's black templar

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A poor man's Black Templar

*picture at the bottom if you hate reading

I'm starting a Black Templar army but I'm going to try to do it as cheaply as possible using models I already have, models I get cheaply on eBay as well as lots of green stuff and left over/bought bits. I intend to try to green stuff a lot of the chains and Templar symbols rather than buying the upgrade box

Once I get the army established I'll fill it out and make it a bit more competitive by spending "real" money on it (mostly just add tanks/transports because you're not likely to find these cheap)

-I wont count paint/primer or brushes

200g of green stuff (two tubes) - $20
-bought it on sale online
-not entirely sure I should count this as I bought it for general purposes not just this army

Bleach reach - $60
-bought this to get into 40k I don't feel full cost should be counted
-tac squad with bolters I probably wont use because they're already painted(my first models) plus they aren't very "convertible" and have bolters

Emperors champion - $15
-I bought him a while back at full price because I thought the model was really cool

command squad - $15
-bought them from eBay, pre-painted, will strip/convert/repaint
-came with other models

Combat squad - came with command squad
-4 bolters 1 flamer

Commander - came with command squad

Neophytes and lots of extra bits - $30
-1 box of scouts for around $18
-remaining on various bits for conversions

cost: $100 if i round up... very liberally. not bad for 1000pts. though it probably wont be very playable! (details on that next)

Army list:
Emperors Champion - 100
-w/Uphold the Honor

Command Squad - 320
Marshall w/ Pistol + CCW
Standard Bearer
Sergeant w/bolter
Initiate w/Plasma Gun
-all with term honors and other expensive upgrades

Sword Brethren Terminator Squad - 215
Terminator w/Storm bolter + Power Fist x5
-Furious Charge Upgrade

Crusader Squad - 86
Initiate w/ Bolter x4
Initiate w/Flamer

Crusader Squad - 130
Initiate w/ Pistol + CCW x5
Neophyte w/ Pistol + CCW x5
*the 5 initiates i don't own yet, will need to purchase

Dreadnought w/ Storm bolter + Dreadnought CCW - 145
-Multi-Melta and Tank Hunter + venerable Upgrade

total: 996

Planned Conversions:
Dreadnought: add BT flag/pole maybe a templar lantern if i can figure out how to fit it on without looking odd

Neophytes: SM heads and arms

Initiates: GS chains on guns and tabard groin bits on somewhere between 60-80%. ebay ones have been cemented so i have to saw off their arms to put the chains on.. not excited about this. The initiates I buy later will neen chain swords and pistols

Commander: GS chains wrapped around chainsword cut off combi-plasma to put pistol in hand

Command squad: nothin much just chains on a few of them

Terminators: GS BT symbol on PF with chains. i also cut up their heads to make them look like grey knights... i just felt like it. The sergeant will eventually need a PF because BT Terms can't take power swords.. that's something I'll worry about later, it will cost too much to try to get a powerfust for just 1 model and most opponents wont care as long as I inform them.

All models: I'll throw some purity seals both from GS and from bits around various models as I see fit

AND NOW FINALLY the first picture:

These neophytes were converted with some of the purchased bits. I took the idea from some other neophytes I've seen on another forum because like that poster I agreed that neophytes would be more heavily armored than standard SM scouts. I used standard SM heads and assault squad arms.

Behind them are some of my terminators, dreadnought and some of the command squad already stripped and in the conversion process

Any comments on where to go with the army list once I have this 1000pts up and running and ideas for conversions are welcome. In fact any comments at all are welcome.
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i regret having to use the flash but i just can't get proper lighting.

i've finished pretty much everything except for the free hand on the shoulder pads and the black highlights. ive never done black hightlights so im afraid and doing it last

also the highlight on all of the brown is barely noticeable, i used a mixture of scorched brown and bestial brown on top of the scorched brown. might just use straight bestial brown so it highlights better

the chests are a little sloppy, i tried to do a layering up from scorched brown to white and i think i just dont know what im doing
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Chests look great, I think...highlight for the pants could be just a little bit lighter, bestial brown-ish, just allow there to be some contrast if you want them to stand out more. I've had a tough time highlighting black armour, but I find that if you try to layer it you get a grey effect so often I use only one extreme highlight (like 50/50 chaos black and fortress grey) around the sharp edges of the armour. If you need examples just look at most black templar armies. Otherwise, I think they look pretty sharp. It's always tough to see the good things when it's your own work, but you're doing clean work and that's the most important.
Thank you for the complement on the chest pieces, i spent the most time on those. I honestly dont know how to get the same level of quaity on other pieces though so it'll be the best part of the model.

I know the same technique can't be applied to the black otherwise it's grey and right now i'm using codex grey for extreme highlights but I feel like I'm going overboard with it. lines are too thick and im highlighting too many edges, it's hard to know where to and where not to do it. I only did 1 model so far and it didnt turn out so great, I'll post a picture tomorrow when I have more light but I'll probably cover it with a black layer and start over, this time mixing some black in my codex grey so it's not SO extreme.

For the pants I'll only do one highlight for two reasons, I'm lazy and I dont really have the comprehension of how you're suppose to layer entire areas like pants and still keep it the color I want (a fairly dark brown). the highlight I do(even though I already did one) is planned to be bestial brown because the previous highlight of a bestial brown/scorched brown mix BARELY shows up. I just hope it doesn't come out looking too extreme or awkward, if it does I'll be at loss.

That was long winded.
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As a long suffering painter of black power armour can I try and push you in the right direction?

start by using a detail brush to highlight every edge with a watered down 50/50 codex grey/chaos black, then with a fine detail brush pure codex grey on the more exposed edges and then a final few "dots" of fortress grey on the really exposed areas if you want (in my opinion this final part is the hardest can really transform a model to something awesomely highlighted or can just make it look bad if you get these dots in the wrong places)

and dont wish to pick apart your list either mate but wouldnt you be better off with your flamer in with the CCW crusader squad rather than in the shooty crusader squad I would get a heavy weapon in with them personally. And although I understand you are doing this on a budget mate, thats not many regular marines in a 1000 points of templars you should be aiming to flood your enemy with a tide of power armour clad lunatics and trust me it works, for a close combat crusader squad personally 10 initates and 10 neophytes, that mixed armour rule is your friend when they are running to the enemy

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as far as the army list goes i'm actually thinking of putting the flamer in the in the command squad because they're one of my CC powerhouse units and switching the plasma gun to the shooty squad because it's a rapid fire weapon. he wont benifit from the apothecary but... i'll just hope for no 1s. that way my 5 man all shootin squad can just camp an objective while my command squad is basially a stronger CC crusader squad.

then i plan on having 2 squads of 5 SM/5 neos all with BP + CCW (will beef up as i player higher points games)

that 5 man shooty squad will STAY 5 man and STAY with their equipment because they're the models i got on the cheap. i'm going to just strictly use them for shooting.

obviously the jump from black to codex grey was too much. i'll definitely be covering this and trying again with a darked grey (codex grey/chaos black 1:1 or maybe 2:1) which is why i didnt bother thinning some of the lines i got too thick. i'm going for a more selective highlighted armor. a lot of black templar i've seen they'll highlight nearly every edge with a barrage of greys and it just looks like they're wearing black armor edged in grey rather than light hitting the armor. if you go to the GW webpage and look and the emperors champion model that's the way i want my black armor to look, tips on trying to achieve that? it looks like they highlight most edges but it doesnt JUMP out at you as much. is this just really thin highlight lines? i'm planning on buying one of these fabled $8 reaper kolinsky 10/0 brushes for this, are these as good as people say for this application?
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its done exactly how i said above

and like I said before i wasnt picking apart your list play how you want to play, just having an assault weapon in a support unit it like tits on a mule, pointless
no, feel free to pick it apart. i need to start planning where to go with it once i get this bit up and running. i had thought of switching the plasma model with the flamer model and it was nice to have that idea confirmed

and touche on the painting tips
You're very close to getting the highlighted black right. You can use a bit darker grey, but not much darker. I often feel that my lines are too thick too, so I just go back over with chaos black to make 'em a bit smaller... also, I usually do all the edges, not just the upward facing ones. It might sound stupid but it works. The Emperor's Champion looks good because the lines are thin and clean. There are layered highlights but they are very small...your best chance at achieving this look is to try to have as thin and as clean lines as possible, but also just to keep it simple as they have (black templars just aren't meant to be fancy)
i broke my cheap angle and got a battleforce on ebay for $69.50

i also have a $10 gift certificate to a local store so i might buy a BT upgrade kit for the battle force.

any tips on where my list should eventually end up when i'm at 1000pts and 1500pts?

and for a update on the models, i really haven't done anything since my last post. planning on painting more tomorrow, my gf works all day so i'll have a lot of time on my hands. hoping i finish all of the neophytes (with my standards it's hard to finish anything completely) and get to priming and basecoating the command squad, i just dont know how i should outfit the marshall before i start painting him. right now he just has a BP and CCW.
I would go as much close combat as you can mate, I like to run 20 man crusader squads with a powerfist and either a meltagun or a flamer depending on the opponent, just don't go overboard on the shooty crusader squads, keep them to 6 men, 1 heavy wepaon and one special weapon (perferably a plasma gun) and pop them in a razorback for an additonal heavy weapon.

I would personally take assault terminators with lightning claws over regular terminators, with the Accept the Challenge no matter the Odds vow you will not only get to reroll any failed wounds but also failed hits, I wouldn't bother with the command squad, far too many points tied up in a rather small unit, just imagine if a plasma cannon or the like managed to drop a shot on the top of it. So if it were me would drop the termis and the command squad, pop your marshall in one of the crusader squads perhaps the support squad so you dont risk loosing the LD10 across the board, maybe get yourself a chaplain and pop him in a CC squad and beef up your crusaders or add a couple more of the same, maybe add a heavy weapon to the support crusader squad, missile is nice and versitile, also maybe look at fast attacks, you just brought a battleforce so you got 5 assault marines, dead handy for tieing up nasty heavy weapons and of course with melta bombs pretty handy vs armour

end of the day, it will all depend on how you want to play Templars, and of course how much you want to pay, if you have money constrictions then you have to make a list depending on what you have mate rather than what someone like me might say is good and bad, end of the day it is about having fun. I have the luxury of a large army so I can make up a list depending on who I am playing and I pretty much have the models painted ready to use.

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