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A question on the ranks of nobility

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Hey guys,

I don't play fantasy but I would apprecite it if some of you people could list High elf ranks of nobility if possible.

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What do you mean by ranks of nobility? The character choices, special and rare troops or something else? Please specify more what you'd like to know...
i don't think there is anythin in the army book abou "ranks of nobility"
I meant like the elvish equivilants to Earl, Baron, Duke, King heirarchy.

I was kinda expecting that there's be something on this in your background fluff. :(
I think he means like, what is the lowest to the highest rank. I think it goes something like:

Silver Helm
High Prince/Princess (Warden, maybe?)
Then maybe Phoenix King and Everqueen
Civilian, Noble, Prince, High Prince, Pheonix King

Prince is a prince, a High Prince is someone that is a prince of an actual province, ie, Imrik, Prince of Caledor.

I know that there is a council or something with all the high princes from each province.
I think you miss quite a lot, mainly the civilian ranks.

slave, non-Elf, outsider-Elf, civilian, trader, seafarer, warrior, Spearmen/Archers/RBT crews, Silver Helm/Reaver, Dragon Prince, Mage, Archmage, Noble, Prince, High Prince, Phoenix King/Everqueen.

That's about it. You'll see what is lowest and what is highest.. I assume :)

I'm positive High Elves do not have slaves. Silver Helms are the sons of nobles, not civilians.


Provincial Citizens:
Chariot Riders
Ellyrian Reavers
Shadow Warrior
Sea Guard (Sort of)
Bolt Thrower Crew (I think)

Elite Provincial Citizens:
Dragon Prince
Sea Guard (Sort of)
White Lions
Phoenix Guard

Commander (I think)
High Prince
Mage (Sort of, I guess they could be a citizen, but they deserve to be up here)
Archmage (Same as Mage)
Everqueen/Phoenix King
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