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A RPG PbBB (Play by Bulletin Board)

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Hello there, I am looking to make a Roleplaying game, that is forever on going, which will not be on this forum, but on an entirely different forum, designed specifcally for the RPG.

I am looking for some people who would be interested in participating in this roleplay. All that is required is that we all have the same level of posting, which is basically all post in the same style.

I am looking for people who would be interested in writing in character often.

If your interested please post a reply here, and I can give you some details, as there is a lot to discuss.
And of course if no one is, I guess I will curl up in a corner and die >.<:( :(
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If you tell me what sort of rp it'll be? (setting etc etc)
Apachetear said:
If you tell me what sort of rp it'll be? (setting etc etc)
same here.

I need to know:
background story
playable characters
time setting
edit: woops - stupidity runs amock, I've already posted my interest here.
What little details given sound interesting.
With some more information I can give a more definate answer.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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