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A short treatisae on the Discomarines Renegade Chapter

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To: Inquisitor Corcoran, Ordo Malleus, Arimaspia (Lysades Sub-Sector)
From: Interrogator Shi'en, Clearance Omicron
Subject: The Dicsomarines, Chapter Excommunicate Traitoris
Priority: Urgent
Recieved: 748.M41
Message Format: Telepathic
Astropathic Duct: Tannal Urien
Thought for the Day: Te reward for treatchery is retribution.

Most Honoured Inquisitor,
I have here assembled below a short treatise on the Discomarines, the Slaaneshi sub-cult that has plagued the Tamahl Sector for over a century, at your request. The information presented below is from various sources, ranging from habitant survivors and captured warriors (who, in their drug-fueled and delirious states, were slightly less than cooperative) of a number of their attacks throughout the sector, and what little information that has been surrendered by the Chapter Masters of the Howling Griffons and Brazen Claws Chapters.
I hope that this information finds you well; I believe that it will aid you greatly in your mission to purge these traitorous foes from Lysades Cluster. However, it is not just a matter of divulging this information to the forces under your command; as you well know the forces of disorder are random, discordent and rarely predictable.

May I wish you fortune in the coming conflicts.
You humble servant,
Interrogator Shi'en

The Discomarines:- 17th Founding, Successor Chapter [Data Expunged], Declared Excommiunicate Traitoris 614.M41
Home World: [Data Expunged], Tamahl Sector; destroyed by Inquisition Forces 614.M41

Significant Conflicts:-

Gothic War: Made a small appearance sweeping outlying systems for 'Wolf Packs' after Warp Storms allowed reinforcements to be drafted in from other sectors. Noted performances from Final Destiny (Unknown class) and Third Missionary (Gothic class) went unnoticed by Imperial Forces led by Admiral Ravensberg during raids on piratical bases amongst the Cyclops Cluster.

Soldane Campaign:The first seeds of heresy were established here, when elements of the Discomarine 4th Company turned on their allies of the Valhallan 93rd following heavy casualties suffered during assaults by Eldar Pirates.

The First Berrossus Conflict: The first of many running battles between Cartier's forces and that of his rival, a champion by the name of Matthias, Prophet of the Blood God. It was during the third confict over this prized system that Lord Cartier was elevated to daemonhood. The system is still fought over by these two warbands, albeit for reasons unknown to many bar a few high-ranking members of the Inquisition.

Proclamation of Sanctity: In 629.M41, the Dicsomaries arrived in a small, unknown system on the Eastern edge of the Halo Zone, declaring themselves as 'messengers from the Emperor' (the small mining colony had had little Imperial contact since it's colonising several centuries ago). Lord Cartier was on hand personally to oversee the population raise their prayers to whom they believed was the Emperor, which resulted in outbreaks of mutations, purging and eventually large scale conflicts which embroiled every community on the relatively barren planet and ultimately the greatest sanction of all; Exterminatus. It is said this was the first step on Lord Cartier's well-deserved path to daemonhood.

Warriors of Distinction:

Lord Cartier-Chapter Master of The Discomarines:
Having consorted with daemons even before his inception into the Discomarines, Lord Cartier turned the Chapter renegade and led them to worship of Slaanesh after a mere 7 years of being elevated to Chapter Master. He now sports a sinuous, serpentine body after a conflict between his pleasure fleet and that of a Khornate force, in which he was thrown from an airlock single-handedly fending off a group of enraged Berzerkers aboard the bridge of his flagship, 'Sword of Cartier' (previously named 'Sword of Purity'). He has since developed a bitter enmity for the leader of this Khornate warband, the self-proclaimed 'Prohpet of Khorne', Matthias.

Papa J-Most favoured lieutenant of Lord Cartier:
Little is known about Papa J, having been recruited during skirmishes with Space Wolf forces near to the region of the Maelstrom. Now mutated beyond recognition, he fights with a fierce brutality almost unbefiting of a disciple of the Dark Prince but is still looked upon in great favour by his master. He is willing to fight among foot soldiers with his Champion Vachella, but will also join with Johnny-No-Eyes and his daredevil bikers to enable him to get to the 'fun' quicker.

N.N.-The unknown Lieutenant:
Almost nothing is known of 'N.N.', not even his true name. He is the only member of the Discomarines to possess a jump pack, although several others are capable of flight through bearing great wings. N.N. is an incredible fighter, his twin swords almost part of his body, his jump pack enabling him to achieve obscene acrobatic stunts which leave his opponents dazed for those last few moments before they are eviscerated from a totaly unexpected angle. He usually flies ahead with Johnny No-Eyes to aid scouting out enemy movements, but more often than not he cannot resist fulfilling his lust for pleasure and foils any attempts made by the Discomarines to surprise their quarry.

Vachella-Champion of the Dicomarines:
During the War for Aeolus, a mining world, the Discomarines encounted heavy resistance from Imperial garrison forces, in which the whole of Papa J's escort was destroyed bar Vachella, who fought like a man possessed to protect his Lord until they were able to rejoin the rest of the Discomarine forces. The war was eventually declared a success and Vachella elevated for his actions, but the Discomarines were soon to be chased out of the system by forces called to a distress signal from the nearby Port Maw sector, the naval hub of the region.

Rovivea-Veteran of the Soldane Campaign:
A young but fully capable warrior, Rovivea excelled during this conflict in which large numbers of the 4th company was destroyed. Lord Cartier saw with how much passion Rovivea fought, even though it was against those he had sworn to protect and fight alongside. He wields his power sword with greater skill now that even before, his abilities honed to near perfection through the gifts granted to him by Slaanesh.

Alek & Aloja-Brother Chosen:
These two warriors were taken from a feral world in the system of the Discomarines' homeworld, as were many of the neophytes who now make up the ranks of the renegade Chapter. They proved themselves worthy defending Lord Cartier's flagship from Khornate raiders, and now make up part of Papa J's personal guard. Brothers, they always fight side-by-side. Alek, the elder of the two, prefers hand-to-hand combat and will step in to protect his younger brother. Aloja revels in the sound and kick of his bolt pistol, and will ward off anyone who dares try and close on his bloodkin. The two spar fiercely, incessantly, to hone their abilities, training in the combat chambers of the Sword of Cartier to better protect their master, and eachother.

As you can see, the Discomarines are by no means a force to be underestimated with many years of Treatchery and Misdeeds behind them. Fortunately they are a very small warband and it is usually the case that all of their resources will be tied up in the same conflict to ensure victory in one place before moving on to the next.
It is, therefore, almost certain that the forces in the Lysades sector is indeed the entire Renegade Chapter, and I urge you to use all of the power you can to procure the largest possible force to meet and destroy this most dire of threats.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++END OF TRNSMISSION+++++++++++++++++++++++++
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I love it, it's fantastic, and even the name is quirky rather than silly given the Slannesh theme.

monsieurcartier said:
Having consorted with daemons even before his inception into the Discomarines
I know what you mean, but I don't think members of other chapters get added to new ones, so this would mean he consorted with daemons age 10.
Have you seen the Omen? Its possible.
It's not necessarily the youngest warriors taken from planets to join SM chapters either. Look at the first Ragnar novel for example. Sure, he might be in his mid-late teens, but definately not 10.

Whatever, I'm glad you liked what's there. The name was from my original SM chapter that didn't really have a name but were coined the discomarines by the guys at the GW store (bright orange stipes down their helmets and yellow banding) and it just stuck. They lost, a lot, so I thought I'd update them and slaanesh seemed the best choice for them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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