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So, the lure of Chaos has got to me again, this time with less guns and more axes to the face. So with that in mind I'm starting a Khorne army to love for my very own. This project is planned as a collection of models first so I can cherry-pick an army after. There are also plans for a Throgg-led monster force and a Marauder or a Nurgle army. And seeing as this is a project I've decided to put it up here, mainly so I can have more incentive to finish them.

The planned collection for my Khorne army is as follows:

2 Daemon Princes
Chaos Lord on Juggernaut
Exalted Champion on Juggernaut
Exalted Champion BSB
Scylla Anfingrimm
24 Chaos Warriors with Halberds and Shields
24 Chaos Warriors with AHW
2x Chaos Chariots/Gorebeast Chariots
Warshrine of Khorne
8 Skullcrushers of Khorne
25 Marauders
20 Warhounds
10 Marauder Horsemen
10 Chaos Knights
A Chimera is under consideration but I'll probably leave that for Throgg's list.

So I made my first purchases the other day, which were two boxes of Warhounds and a box of Skullcrushers. The plan was to build the Exalted Champion and a Standard Bearer and Musician, but I'm not 100% sure about the horn for the Musician, so he became a regular Skullcrusher. Sadly the weather has meant I've been unable to spray them but hopefully they'll be undercoated soon.


The Exalted Champion


"Cry Havoc" and let slip the dogs of war

More photos (and better quality ones to follow).

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Thanks to the weather ending any chance of undercoating I've spent my time writing the fluff for my general and Lord, Järv Aesköld and his followers, Vargarna i Vinterkylan.

"The cold wind blew across the steppes on the day of his birth, mingling with the howls of the wolves as they hunted. In the village the screams and cries of his mother cut through the souls of those awaiting the news more than the chilling, biting wind. She had be crying out since the sun had set, the birth had been a difficult one. The tribes-people had been praying to the gods to bring the babe safely into the world, to Skallefar to make him strong, to Sjukdom to make him healthy, to Förändring to give him great destiny and to Nöje to allow him to sire a strong line.

Without warning, the screams stopped. All was silent save for the wolves. The moonless sky took on an unhealthy red tinge, the colour of congealed blood. The tribes-people held their collective breaths. Skallefar had answered their prayers, but for good or ill they did not know. The doors of the longhut opened as their chieftain stumbled out into the night, a dark bundle huddled in his arms. He stood upon the steps to the longhouse, taking a deep breath before raising the bundle to the skies and revealing a blood-soaked newborn. He roared in triumph, and his people roared with him. Their tribe had an heir, born in blood under a bloody sky.

One did not rejoice. He was Tvinnade, the tribe's soothsayer. He solely worshiped Förändring, and did not like that Skallefar, his patron's rival, had a hand in the birth his tribe's next leader. Tvinnade slunk back into the shadows to consult the web of the future and plot.

Many years passed, and the boy grew. He took part in raids on other tribes, he hunted with wolves in the great forests, he ran with horses across the steppes. His tribe grew mighty, other tribes grew fearful and plied his father with great tribute in gold, horses and women. The boy practiced skill-at-arms with his tribes veterans, learned writing, reading and the histories with the elders and the leadership of men from his father. Tvinnade lectured the boy on the gods and their domains in the hearts of men. He taught him that all were considered equal, but that Förändring was chief among them as the wisest. But despite Tvinnade's best efforts, the boy continued to hold fascination with Skallefar, going so far as to have an offering shrine in his bedchamber. Tvinnade could see no other way. He had to put his final plan into action or the boy would drown them in a sea of blood and fire.

Tvinnade made his way through the village, hidden from the eyes of all by dint of his magic. Into the longhouse he went, past the guards to his chieftain's bedchamber. He drew a silver blade across the throat of the chieftain, who never awoke, before stealing through to plant the knife in his son's hand, before awakening the village with news of a terrible vision. He smiled to himself as he crept through the halls.

The boy slumbered, his dreams filled with visions of a great throne, built from the skulls of the fallen that cried an endless river of blood. A great figure of a man was seated at the summit of this macabre mountain and the boy knew he looked upon Skallefar. A great thunderous voice echoed in the caverns of his mind.


The boy sat up to find Tvinnade at the door, a bloody knife in his grasp. With a yell he leapt up, axe in hand and with a great yell swept the blade towards the traitor's neck.

Tvinnade saw time slow as the axe arced towards him. A sibilant voice whispered in his ear.
"You've served me well in your time. I ask one last thing of you. Do it and I shall spare your life. Give me your soul, mortal"
With a cry of "Yes!" Tvinnade was consumed in fire.

The axe thudded in to timber frame of the door. With a howl of rage the boy pulled it out and thudded it into the scorch mark that was all that remained of the traitor soothsayer. The guards kept their distance as he fell to his knees and roared out curses. His oldest friend and blood-brother Abjørn came to him in that moment and told him of the murder of his father. The boy's face changed, and a cold resolve crept into his eyes. He whispered one word.


They followed the boy out of the longhouse, to the centre of the village, where he stood and roared out a summons to the whole village. And they came, men women and children, to hear the boy's words.

He spoke to them of a man betrayed, his throat cut by a coward who he had turned to for advice and trust. He spoke of the man, of the power, the wealth, the glory he had brought to his tribe. He spoke of how the gods had abandoned him in his direst moment of need. He spoke of the one god who had given him warning of the treachery of the coward. He told them that with this god, he would not be standing there, their chieftain's son and the new chieftain of the tribe. This god had spared his life to reap vengeance upon the coward that had tried to destroy their tribe.

The people stood entranced, his words like a spell. In their minds eye they could see the vision he spoke about. A tide of blood and glory, sweeping all before them, all in the name of vengeance. But the dream wouldn't stop with the death of Tvinnade. Vast glories would be heaped upon them for all eternity if they would just follow.

With a roar, they pledged their loyalty to the new chieftain. His father was given a funeral pyre befitting his greatness. The entire village was put to the torch as a memorial to him. With their new leader at their head they marched into the night, the wolves howling as they passed."

Skeggi Raskstål down a pint of mead to clear his throat as the newcomers crowded around the campfire, eager to hear more of their new leader's story. They paid no heed to the wind or the snow, they were entranced by this epic saga that blessed their ears. One of them tentatively raised a hand.
"Did he find Tvinnade? Did he avenge his father?"
Skeggi turned wiping a hand across his chin, belching before answering the young warrior.

"Aye laddie, that he did. We tracked him 'cross barren steppe, over mountain and river, through the winter snows. We crushed all that came before us. It was he and Abjørn who led us against the giant Gymir as he attacked us in Shattertooth Pass. Abjørn struck the final blow, and he was given the name Jötunnslayer. We broke the armies of the beast Korvar the Cloven and built their skulls in a pyramid to Skallefar. Our leader ripped the head of the Dragon Ogre Hveager from his shoulders with his bare hands and drank his blood. We burned towns, sacked ruins, slew monsters and ran with the wolves. We were the Wolves of the Winter Cold!"

Cries of "Vargarna i Vinterkylan!" erupted around the campfires, save around one campfire, set apart from the rest where hulking Juggernauts of Khorne could be seen on the fringes, their ten masters staring into the flames with baleful eyes. The gathered warriors fell silent as Skeggi's tale took on a mournful tone.

"After years of battles, glory and hardship we finally found our quarry, holed up in a twisted and forsaken tower, filled with sorcery and daemons, servants of Förändring. Twoscore of us went into that place, where reality was bent and formed into new shapes, where time flowed differently, where one by one our minds broke. Save for him. He went into there with twoscore warriors and left with ten.

He alone went into the heart of that place, where Tvinnade awaited him. Tvinnade had been blessed by his vile patron,his body swollen to a hundred times the size of a man, covered in all seeing eyes and multicoloured feathers, a vile daemonic prince of Förändring. He endured the raging sorceries and visions that tormented him and he tore out that vile traitor's craven heart and offered it to Skallefar, before tearing that wretched place down to ruins. Upon his exit he reunited with his ten remaining warriors and Skallefar's consort came to us. She told us we had performed great deeds in His name, and that he had blessed us. To chieftain, Abjørn, myself the eight others who survived, He gifted mighty steeds of brass and fire. He gave his icon also to carry, to strike fear into the hearts of all who stand against us and let them know they faced the chosen son's of Skallefar. She left us then, to carry the souls of the fallen away. She will return, when the blood soaks the fields and the skulls are piled high, she will bring Skallefar's fury upon all who stand against her."

Skeggi looked upon the warriors around him, and grasped the standard, the icon of the Blood God glinting menacingly in the firelight, the device on the blood-soaked cloth too dark to see.
"Now, pledge your allegiance to your Lord, Järv Aesköld, the favoured son of Skallefar, warleader of Vargarna i Vinterkylan. For honour, for glory and for the Blood God!"

The roars of "Vargarna i Vinterkylan" echoed across the landscape as the wolves howled in the moonless night.

Dramatis Personae:

Järv Aesköld - Chaos Lord
Abjørn Jötunnslayer - Exalted Champion
Skeggi Raskstål - Battle Standard Bearer

Names translations (all names are Swedish/Icelandic/Old Norse)
Järv Aesköld - Wolverine Ae-shield

Abjørn Jötunnslayer - Abjørn Giantslayer

Skeggi Raskstål - Skeggi Fastsword

Vargarna i Vinterkylan - The Wolves of the Winter Cold

Tvinnade - Twisted

Skallefar - Skullfather

Förändring - Change

Sjukdom - Disease

Nöje - Pleasure

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Thanks Kaleb, hope it lives up to your expectation.

So I have some photos of the Skullcrushers and the hound units, so here you go.

Abjørn Jötunnslayer, Exalted Champion
Abjørn's Wolves, Standard Bearer and regular Skullcrusher
The Hunting Packs.

Might write up some character bios for my three characters, motivations and such, seeing as spraying the models won't be occuring for at least a week...

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Vargarna i Vinterkylan

Järv Aesköld, Warleader - Chaos Lord with Mark of Khorne, Shield, Juggernaut, Collar of Khorne, Winter's Fang (Sword of Striking) and the Blood of Hvaegar (Potion of Strength)

Abjørn Jötunnslayer, the Wolf's Herald - Exalted Champion with Mark of Khorne, Shield, Juggernaut, Jötunnslayer's Blade (Sword of Strife) and Soulfeeder

Skeggi Raskstål, Herald of Winter - Exalted Champion with Mark of Khorne, Halberd, Scaled Skin, Icon of Skallefar (Talisman of Preservation) and is the Battle Standard Bearer

The Freshbloods - 25 Marauders with Full Command, Mark of Khorne and Flails

Raskstål's Guard - 24 Chaos Warriors with Full Command, Mark of Khorne, Halberds and Shields

Blades of Winter - 24 Chaos Warriors with Full Command, Mark of Khorne and Additional Hand Weapons

Skallefar's Fury - Chaos Chariot with Mark of Khorne

Skallefar's Rage - Chaos Chariot with Mark of Khorne

The Hunting Packs - (4x)5 Chaos Warhounds

Swords of Skallefar - 18 Chosen with Full Command, Mark of Khorne, Additional Hand Weapons and the Blood Banner (Razor Standard)

Altar of Skallefar - Chaos Warshrine with Mark of Khorne

Skallefar's Huntmasters - (2x)5 Chaos Knights with Mark of Khorne and Enscorcelled Weapons

Järv's Wolves - 4 Skullcrushers of Khorne with Standard Bearer, Musician, Enscorcelled Weapons and the Banner of Rage

Abjørn's Wolves - 4 Skullcrushers of Khorne with Standard Bearer, Musician and Enscorcelled Weapons

The list comes to 4091pts in total. Most games I'll be cherrypicking from this list. I've kept Magic Items to their minimum, however I am tempted to run Järv Aesköld with the Giant Blade and the Other Trickster's Shard.

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Looking forward to seeing this army developing, though, yes, it can be hard to get stuff undercoated (and varnished) in our weather...

Since there's not much to see yet, what's going on with the red stuff on the Jugger base? Is it just a re-used base or marking out where the model will stand before adding basing material?

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Cheers, Ben_S!

Ah, that's just paint to mark out the model's position as you guessed. I only did it on the first one as I wasn't sure how they'd stand if I added slate onto the base, but as it turns out you can whack the slate on any old way and the Juggernaut "seems" to find a balanced stance no matter what. It's like witchcraft, or divine purpose...

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It's a Christmas Miracle!

The weather cleared enough to undercoat so soon there shall be some painted models gracing this thread.

Merry Christmas folks!

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So painting is now underway! The basecoat has been applied to the Skullcrusher's armour (Khorne red with a coat of Nuln Oil for the Juggernauts, two coats of Nuln oil for the Riders, Balthasar Gold and Leadbelcher for the brass and silver on both). I've yet to touch the hounds, but I have been looking at pictures of wolves for research (that counts as project work...). I'm thinking greys with white and black for the fur, with darker skin for light fur and light skin for dark fur (if that makes sense).

Pictures to come soon (the Skullcrushers probably won't be posted until the armour is complete and I am satisfied with it....I have a plan for it that worked on an Incubi...they have bigger armour plates so it should be more effective).

The army colours are a dark muted red base for the armour with additional work on top (it's a surprise), brass/bronze for the trim, silver for the weaponry/chains/chainmail with bone being bone-coloured (brown base working up to white at the tips), wood being brown, furs being grey and skin being very pale with blonde hair and blue eyes (as if the army wasn't Nordic enough). The bases are going to be ice-bases: the slate will be based blue working to white, the base rims will be based blue working to white with thick snow layered on top (in the face of the Juggernauts I will be putting some melted hoofprint puddles on the base (hoping it works). Hopefully it shouldn't be too technical but this is why I picked a small army to do it with....

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Well, it's been nearly two whole months since I last posted on here, thanks to college and work taking up all my available free time. However, Papa Nurgle decided to punish me for having thoughts of a Typhus-led Death Guard warband and doing nothing about it so I am now ill and off work and college for the next week. Which means that I have time to paint!! *cough*

Every noxious, pestilential cloud and all that...*cough**cough*

So just to let you guys know I have been working hard all day today and have Abjørn Jötunnslayer, two Juggernauts and 12 Warriors from the "Blades of Winter" ready to photograph tomorrow *cough* by Monday I should have the twenty hounds, the ten Knights and 12 of Raskstål's Guard including Skeggi Raskstål himself completed/underway.

See you tomorrow!


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Keep at it mate. My project started in feb and I not touched a brush in months, but vow to get back on it
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