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A Tale of One Gamer Dad - Part Two - Chaos Goodness

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I was able to free myself ... from myself to get motivated once again (never fear my fellow Brets, I have some new direction for that project as well) to start up a completely new project from the ground up, to the point where I debated the list for well over a month before even beginning to convert the models required.

This will be the list Slaanesh Army which I will follow for now but some revisions may come up before the final fielding.

There will be no time limit on this project, but rather the end result of a completed army and the satisfaction of the accomplishment (maybe some pointy eared slaves tied to the back of some chariots). Army 'fluff' will also appear here as I push towards the finish line.

In the meantime here are a few photos of two WIP characters which I will hopefully add to after grabbing a few more photos tonight.

Slaanesh Sorceress on foot

Slaanesh Sorceress mounted on Steed of Slaanesh

And although not a part of the list I could not resist putting this guy together, but he is not finished yet so stay tuned.

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Have your first rep cookie for choosing slaanesh and some great conversions to start your ball rolling with... and for liking brets :)
Thanks for the responses guys. Got a lot done on the weekend and yet at the same time hit a small brick wall when I realized that I am short four halberds for my warrior unit .... should be in one of these unopenend boxes. I have also taken a different route with the mounted sorceress in regards to her legs but I am still hoping to have her finished shortly as well as my BSB conversion.

Pics will follow shortly along with a small tale which I have been working on to explain the army/project.

Progress! Finally was able to sit down and get back into the groove of things with this guy. I was also able to get an example warrior painted up and the two units of 5 hounds. The pics for these should be up in the next two days adn then after that I am hoping to take a huge bite out of my halberd warriors and then move onto the chariots.

This is my Lord/champion conversion from the DV Chaos Lord whom I ahve made better by making him truly chaos... fantasy of course. For now he will fill the role of Unit Champion in my list but will have the option of turning into a Hero or Lord in the future.


I have also picked up the first of two Chimera and have made some more progress with my mounted Sorceress which I will remind myself now to take more pics of.

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Awesome - I really like the base, too.

...maybe just a little wash on the skulls to deepen the recesses.
Now that I look at the photos I would have to agree with that.
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