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Hey everyone!
So, I've signed up for the craziness that is committing to painting "X" points worth of models a month. :D Let's see how this goes.
The army I'm committing are my Trollbloods from the Hordes game from Privateer press.

I have built most of my army already, but sadly, after nearly 9 months haven't painted really any of it except for a single model I did for the "snipers" competition.

Here's the list of models I will be working on, in no particular order. :p

Borka Kegslayer(now in progress)
Hoarluk Doomshaper
Grissel Bloodsong
Grim Angus

Trollkin Champions(now in progress)
Trollkin Champions #2
Trollkin Warriors(full unit + standard bearer UA)
Trollkin Caber tosser(UA for warriors)
Trollkin Thumper(based, mostly built ready for priming)
Trollkin Thumper #2(unbuilt)
Trollkin Longriders(now based and primed)
Krielstone Bearer + Stone scribes
Swamp Gobber minions
Gatormen(to come soon, not purchased yet)

Trollkin Fell Caller(Done and Posted)
Trollkin Fell Caller#2
Totem Hunter
Gudrun the wanderer

Light Warbeasts:
Troll Axer(based and primed)
Troll Axer #2
Troll Impaler(based and primed)
Troll Impaler #2
Troll Bouncer
Winter Troll
Pyre Troll

Heavy Warbeasts
Dire Troll Mauler(in progress)
Dire Troll Mauler Extreme
Earth born Dire Troll(based/in progress)

There you have it, That's the list! :party:

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Sounds good theyak!

I, like -t, will definitely be watching this to see how it goes :party2:

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Here's my first finished piece that's a troll.
Its only slightly cheating. He was admittedly over half done when I signed up for the challenge.. But you know what? If you don't like it... neener neener!

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I have a few Troolbloods staring at me as well - I would love to see a pic of all the models together - give me a true sense of how huge the job awaiting you is...LOL

As for him, I do like the torch and the tartan as well as his skin. The gray areas though I think need some more depth - especially at the back - they seem very monotoned at the moment...
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