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The light becones me back to the infinate wasteland of life,
My eyes distraught by the lives wasted hopelessly, by the tears, blood, and lives all wasted on a false dream,
My feet wavering in uncertanty upon the stone street, a black river flowing, yet not.
My hands tainted by the foulness of the world.
I walk with distraught eyes, wavering feet, and tainted hands, my mind feeling the changes of the world.
I look around into the eyes of the dead, metal filled with blood so red,
I stare down at their bodies covered in blood, their bodies strewn like a lifeless flood,
I meet their ghoulish stares, they are dead yet no-one cares,
I feel as by killing them ive done much good, but then i find that without them they can still continue their brood,
I look towards the rising mist, the cries of battle still amiss,
My life seems like its falling,
But it seems this is my calling,
If they come again, i will enter the fray, ever relentless till my dying day.

Riptor Amashi
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