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***Urgent Communicatis***
Belial, the Dark City and the Kabal of the Black Hand have struck on the planet Sisilak! Governor Pollus has been abducted and all his family killed. Sisilak has been on the brink of civil war and Pollus has been key to restoring order and normal function to the planet since his appointment by Terra. Yours is the closest battle group with the ability to intercept the raiders before they escape with the governor. He must be safely restored to power. The ravenwing has been dispatched to assist you, it has been recommended that they take the outlying territory to trap the eldar while their ships are held in the gravity well of the planet's interdictor systems. These xenos have gone too far! Save pollus! The emperor protects.

Dark Eldar vs. Deathwing 6ed.
Mission: The Scouring (FA are scoring and worth victory points)

WL traits
DA legendary fighter


Strategy: I knew he was going first so I wanted to try and protect my typhoons by reserving them. I had played this guy once before and lost so I knew the power of the lances and the venom. I wanted as many missles as possible as soon as possible. His side of the board had the high VP objective (4points) I had to try and get to it to win. Sadly I thought his transports were fast attack and didn’t find out ‘til the end that it was the scourges who were fast attack. Outflanking bikes were meant to hassle his backfield. It was to be a battle of mobility vs. durability.

DE Turn1 lances fry one termie

DA 1 missles explode ravager and one raider. Beta tries to assault but cant charge far enough. One dies to overwatch.

DE 2 all reserves enter and razorwing shooting plus venom lay into gamma squad who I thought was well positioned but apparently not. Only one termie remains in that squad. The baron charges beta squad killing two. Scourges would trade fire with tactical squad the rest of the game.

Da 2 Bikes and typhoons arrive. Both missiles miss the venom, one hull point is stripped from the raider. Can you believe those things have 3?! Tricksy eldar! Belial and Bellerophon charge the Hellions, killing many, but also losing 2 termies. Belial challenges the baron hoping to claim a VP but cant get through the shadowfield (2+ invul sav!) The baron breaks morale. Sadly all the cyclones are dead. The bikers all miss with meltas.

DE 3 the venom lays into belial and the Alpha squad killing one termie. Scourges fire on the tactical squad. Razor wing strips one hull point from a madly jinking speeder. Other speeder is lanced to death by the squad embarked on the raider . The hellions continue their retreat. The bikers are mercilessly destroyed for their ineptness. The hellions rally.

DA 3 tyhpoon moves and fires on raider, stripping it to 1 Hull point. Seeking to avenge the death of his friends the lone termie emerges and in an insane bout of courage, fires his stormbolter and brings down the raider. Belial tries to assault the venom but cant reach. Bellerophon and beta squad is charged with killing the homunculus and run to get in a better position.

DE 4 the venom and the raider target and kill belial and his squad. The other typhoon is wrecked.

DA 4 the tactical squad continues its exchange of fire with the scourges. Bellerophon and beta squad roll for charge and get 12 inches! Bellerophon challenges the homunculi but the homunculi declines ( ok the pic is wrong, but who cares!). After the elves attack 2 wounds are dealt to beta squad, but they fail both saves! Bellerophon can only hope to deny the objective. The lone termie from gamma cuts through the ruins and runs towards the objective, will he make it?!

DE 5 the Baron and his hellion gang fly over the ruins and attack Bellerophon, who barely survives, then leap away (hit and run) before they can before the librarian can strike! Meanwhile the scourges try and crush the last resistance of the dark angels tact squad, but the grav wave generator keeps the defenders from getting charged.

DA 5 the tact squad fires at the scourges. Bellerophon cuts down the homunculus and retinue but cant claim the objective. The last terminator is able to finally reach the objective in the ruined factory.

The game ends.

D. Eldar 10 vP
Deathwing 7 vp
Well that didn’t go as planned. In the final tally there were a couple of things that I think made a big difference.
1.) Troops with missles counldn’t do enough after the first turn. They died way too fast giving the venom free reign.
2.) Setup of tactical terminators was flawed, I should have switched them with beta squad and placed the librarian on that side.
3.) The typhoons should have been armed with H. Bolters to take advantage of the low armor on the raiders.
4.) I didn’t focus enough on the scourges (small aside I had played a lot of games against Blood Angels not Deldar. Since those transports are skimmers I was thinking they would be FA… not true.) and I improperly deployed my typhoons, their job should have been to kill the venom exclusively.
I did think that I did an alright job being super focused on objectives and positioning was good most of the time, but it always seems that I end up with very few models at the end of the game. if i had taken out his FA units it may have been a closer game. It was unlucky that both of those termies died from only two wounds but i think the game was probably lost with other decisions. For example if i had brought both typhoons to the right side of the board and killed that venom, using belial to try and assault the downed squad near the center hill, and attacking the scourges with the bikes via outflank. I might have had a better chance. not much i could have done versus that razorwing.

On board the strike cruiser Imminent Death, Bellerophon and Ezekiel are in conversation.
"This is a bad buisness Bellerophon, Azreal is not pleased. Belial is rehabilitating, Pollus is gone, and the enemy have escaped."
"I ask your forgivness lord, warp precience failed me and my chapter."
"Go and meditate on this defeat Bellerophon, the full implications of the eldar movements in this system, may yet be revealed with careful study. Azreal suspects that they may have had other motivations besides the ususal unsavory nature of their raids. The task at hand now is the full quelling of the rebellion that has broken out on Sisilak."
"Sir before we arrived in battle, warp prescience delivered a vision to me. I saw a great green tide over a field of grey and white."
"hmmm... You require rest my brother, your skills still require honing. I shall look into the warp as it regards these visions. Now go.
"Yes Lord."

As always any comments, grammar corrections, and criticisms welcome!

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Wow sorry did not realize my pics were so screwed up ill fix em asap. How come nobody said anything? Sheesh...

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I've been away from work, and so don't have as much time to linger here as I'd usually like. I saw this when you first put it out, forgot if I dropped you some rep for it. I still love the format, and hope you keep on posting them.

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So this is a question to the mods. Ive edited these pics twice. The same pictures and batrep exist on the bolter and chainsword website. But i notice that each time i come back to the edited posting the pictures seem to be changed even though the content of the post is identical to that on the other website. Is there something going on here with regards to data corruption/limit?
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