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Ok so i watched ultramarine the movie last night and though, hmmm maybe i will crack out my space marine models only to find a new tactical squad, combat squad + razorback un opened D=
The aim for this army list is to complete the full 4th company of my chapter the Acolytes of rapture and retain a competitive list.

-Captain Cyron, master of the fleet- 130
Space marine captain 100
Thunder Hammer 30

-Company command squad Cyron- 145
Command Squad 115
Company Standard 15
Company Champion 15
Plasma Gun 15
Razorback 40 65
Storm Bolter 10
Extra amour 15

-Tactical Squad Severus- 225
10 Tactical Marines 170
Plasma Cannon 5
Plasma Gun 10
Power Fist 25
Plasma Pistol 15

-Tactical Squad Ruthius- 190
10 Tactical Marines 170
Multi-Melta free
Meltagun 5
Power Weapon 15
Melta Bombs 5
Rhino 35 50
Extra Amour 15

-Tactical Squad Midus- 195
10 Tactical Marines 170
Heavy Bolter free
Flamer free
Power Fist 25

-Devastator Squad Zaiseu- 250
10 Devastor Marines 170
Lascannon 35
Missile Launcher 15
Missile Launcher 15
Missile Launcher 15

Ok so i have my captain Cyron and Squad Ruthius to take the flank of an army and work onwards whilst midus and severus take the other at a slower pace with zaiseu hold middle being split into 2 combat squads.....or somthing like that i duno!
Comment on the list and leave any idea's or feedback! thanks guys!


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Hello there. Firstly, I am going to inform you that the way you posted your list violates LO terms. You may not post individual points costs, such as wargear upgrades. It is ok to post the points value for the squad and all there upgrades as one. Like so:

-Tactical Squad Ruthius- 245 points
10 Tactical Marines
Power Weapon
Melta Bombs
Extra Amour

On to the list. I would drop the extra armor on both the Razorback and Rhino, drop the Melta Bombs, and buy an extra Rhino for a Tactical Squad. The Devastators are a massive point sink. I would suggest swapping them for 2 Predators armed with Sponson Lascannons. This list has a lot of points spent on little upgrades, that would be better spent elsewhere.
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