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Adeptus Mechanicus:
all boxes come with enough parts to make any kind of variant. They are actually more generous with sprues.
Light cruisers come with 1 weapon sprue, cruisers with 2 and battleships with 3.
Good castings except the light cruiser. Nifty to assemble!

In the store you can buy the Apocalypse Battleship. It has the Voss Prow. With some modelling on the prow (removing Nova, adding antennas) it can easily be used as an Oberon.
You can also use the Emperor model for a Oberon if you (he) want to.

The Light cruisers (Endeavour, Endurance, Defiant).... wella.... the sad story. GW made a master mould, casted about ~20 models. Master mould broke. It was such a b*tch for GW they decided to never ever make it again.
So now only a few people have those models.

Adeptus Mechanicus Light Cruiser with AdMech symbols filed off.
Scratchbuilding (some made truly great ones).
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