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Currently I am running a 1850 list with 75 models, Dread, Whirlwind, and a Destructor.
My troop composition is 2 ten man scout squads (1 cc, other mixed ranged), 4 tactical squads (2x9, 2x5) and 2 Assault squads 1 sans jumppacks, plus a 7 man dev (4ml).

I'm finding all too often my Destructor is blown away first turn as its the only tank my opponent has a shot at. Whirwind is tucked behind something. Hence here's my question, should I cut out one of my squads and use the points to add more armor to my list, or just cut out the Destructor entirely and add another Dev squad.

I've got a butt load of armor to choose from, 2 landraider's, 4 rhino's, and 2 razorbacks (TLLC). Mostly I've decided that the Landraiders are too much of a fire magnet, and I don't see much need for the Rhino's as I play a fairly static shooter army.

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Devastators would be a good replacement for the predator (especially as you can make half the squad a meatshield).

Land raiders are cool (I swear by mine) but they aren't always worth it so a devastator squad is probably your best bet.
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