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Adding WH allies to an existing marine force...

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Greetings all. I know similar questions have been asked, but I am after some advice anyway.
I have a marine force that has been some great fun, but I like a bit of variety and the most time and cost effective way of doing that is to add some allies, maybe becoming an army in their own right in the fullness of time.
And what could be cooler than nuns with guns? :ninja:

My marines are usually troop heavy, and I have purchased a Sisters box and a Cannoness. What advice can you give me on how to use them effectively while I build the numbers? How are they best used?

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Rhino and three flamer template weapons combined with devine guidance is a common practice. Adding a few seraphim into your army might be nice. Remember though, your choices are limited and you can't take any heavy support choices from the witch hunters list.
As above, plus use a connoness with a jump pack,frags, blessed weapon, littanies of faith and cloak of st A, this is a charcter hunter
Cool, I like the idea of the Seraphim, and I think I have an old one I can give the jump pack to the cannoness.
With the drive by flaming, do you disembark next to the target squad before unleashing hell? I wouldn't want the squad pinned in the wreckage of a burning rhino...

drive by flaming goes like this - zoom up the field, leap out right next to your opponent squad, ensurign your flamer equiped sisters are in the absolute best possition, use divine guidance to make your weapons potentially AP1, then flame and bolter the livign hell out of him. Idealy then get back in the rhino, move on to next arget, although this tends to be stretching it
Cheredanine said:
Idealy then get back in the rhino, move on to next arget, although this tends to be stretching it
Especially not being able to embark and debark in the same turn - so you're not shooting for an entire turn then, and just praying you don't get entangled!

I've been hanging out here the last few weeks - and not to derail this topic - but the way everyone here talks about Divine Guidance makes it sound like they're doing it before you shoot... You get to see how many hits you have before deciding to use it, right? I thought it says "Before rolling to Wound..." as opposed to many of the others which say beginning of phase.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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