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Here is how I painted a unit of Blood Angel Terminators:

1. Primed with GW white primer

2. Sprayed the model with GW blood red spray (saves a ton of time and goes on clean)

3. Darkened the armor joins, details, etc. with Vallejo Model Color Smoke

4. Painted weapon casings, power fists black

5. Painted crux terminus and accessories Vallejo game color earth (gw graveyard earth), followed by bone, and finally vallejo model color ivory. You can apply some brown ink after the bone if it isn't dark enough for you.

6. painted the metallic areas with gunmental and then washed lightly with black ink and re-touched up the metal

7. added a subtle dark grey line to the black areas

8. Added a subtle blend of vallejo game color fiery orange to the red armor

Overall very easy and fast to paint up. One thing that I would recommend if you do use the gw blood red spray (or any spray for that matter) re-paint any areas that aren't going to be red with white first to save yourself a lot of hassle covering it with other colors!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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