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Advice please: DS GKT unit - 300pts to spend

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New to GK's people so all advice welcome please.

I'm working on a dedicated Deep Striking GK Termie unit with around 300pts to spend.
From what I have researched so far I have two choices that I like.

Unit 1: 300pts 5x models
Bro Cap with Psycannon (upgrade Storm Bolter)
4x Terms with Psycannon

Unit 2: 301pts 6x models (if this is the bomb then I'll find that extra 1 pt :yes: )
Bro Cap with Sacred Incense (added wargear)
5x Terms

I'm curious to hear your comments especially if you have similar units and how they have fared.
Also is there any other combination in the point range for GKT's I should consider.
I haven't listed the rest of the army config because I'm very happy with it...this is simply an additional unit to kick up the army point value/ add a sideboard etc.

Thanks in advance.
Mark :ninja:
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I like the first one, because it is shooty. I like my Termies to be able dish out some damage the turn they come in on. I know many won't agree, but wether it is the back of the tank, or MC, Psycannons can be a real help.
No, I like the first one, too. Shooting psycannnon into rear armor is my anti-tank.
I LOVE the first one sadly its illegal, you can only have 1 psycannon on the gkt troops and 1 on the GM/BC so 2 total max.
I agree 100% with Diggums Hammer. Psycannons on terminators as often as you can. They're worth it! Go with #1.
Loranis said:
I LOVE the first one sadly its illegal, you can only have 1 psycannon on the gkt troops and 1 on the GM/BC so 2 total max.
Uh, I think it was 4 termies, one of which has a psycannon.
Yep, exactly right Sir_Prometheus, 4x terms, 1x with psycannon.

So, an interesting response.
Thanks everyone.:)

I felt sure someone would have gone down the 6x terms meaning more attacks (better hit/wound/kill ratios) and more models to kill before becoming a non-scoring unit (4 not 3) etc.

Or perhaps someone would have suggested swapping one of the NFW in the 6x man squad for a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield combo for some instant kill T4 (read: Chaplain ;) )/tank smashing goodness.

But everyone went with the 5x man psycannon fitout. Shooty Termies are the bomb, huh?
Good thing really seeing as these are the models I have.:lol:

But I'm curious why no-one mentioned the TH/SS swap on 1x model.
Is it that crappy?:huh:

Thoughts, comments and experiences?

Thanks again.

Mark :ninja:
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I'm ambivalent about Thunder hammers. It's not bad, it's not neccesarily good, and it is a pain to model, since GK termies have no easy conversion for the hammer or the shield. Pretty much, just not worth the fuss.
I take Hammerhand on my GM instead. It's fairly cheap, and does the job on armour pretty well with his Extra Attacks. One reason I do that is I don't like to lose a Storm Bolter!
Thunder hand so useless, it keep you from using your force weapon!!! Scourging is all right, though.
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