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Well, as per the very polite PM I received on joining, I figure I might as well make myself known.

My name is Conor, I'm a 19 year old uni student living in fair Bristol in the U.K.

I started my adventure with Games Workshop back in 1997 at the tender age of 8. I simply wandered into the local newsagents, noticed a White Dwarf and years of large amounts of badly/unpainted models ensued! I just liked the models at first but after a while I started to get into the game itself and all the fluff.

I've collected every 40k army apart from Tyranids, Eldar (of both stripes) and Necrons. I've also dabbled in fantasy with a Goblin horde as well as playing Necromunda, Gorkamorka (what a game!), BFG and Inquisitor.

I moved on from warhammer when college came along, taking up a similarly expensive hobby - airsoft. I ended up selling all my armies, bar my favourite - an exclusively Praetorian 4000pt Guard army (a very wise move with hindsight!).

However, I kept up with most of the games developments and continued to read fluff wherever I could find it – my favorite aspect of the game is its depth and background; it’s like a novel with no end - I am currently reading the Horus Heresy books, and loving them! When Apocalypse arrived on the scene I felt an urge to get back into the game and, coupled with finding a gaming club in Bristol and a few mates taking up the range ruler in anger once again, I found myself dusting off the carry cases and breaking out the Basilisks.

I have decided to start a completely Skimmer/Jetbike Sann Haim force as a motivation to improve my far from good painting skills - though by the looks of it I’m going lose a lot of advantage in the new rulebook, if the rumors are true!

Anyway - I’m not sure how a simple 'Hello' post became such a self-indulgent speech, I guess I have truly introduced myself! I don’t imagine I will post a great deal - I tend to simply float around on forums, hopefully as I get playing again I may have something to contribute!

Finally, I wish to say that, coming from a host of airsoft forums, that the mods here seem unusually helpful and patient - not attempting to arse kiss here, I’m just genuinely impressed!

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