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Hi , I have a friend who plays lizardmen but I'm not sure about my army list.
I was thinking of this:
lv 2 mage
jewel of the dusk
ring of corin

lv 2 mage
dispel scroll
power stone

talisman of loec
golden crown of alcatraz
heavy armour
great weapon

21 spearmen
full command

16 archers

20 swordmasters
banner of sorcery

2 bolt throwers

but will I be able to claim victory with them?

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That's alot of magic, the first mage has too many arcane items can only have one of JoD and SW and RoC

The archer unit is very large, as is the SM unit.

Personally I would go with 10 to 12 archers and take a musician instead of a hawkeye. With the points you save make it 20 Seagaurd with the noble deployed 12 wide and reform to 3x7 wide before the charge.
Split the SM into 2 units one of 13 with Full Command (if you want to keep the banner) and one of 7.

Good luck and I hope you get curse of arrow attraction and howler wind for your spells.
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