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I just had a brainwave, don't know if anyone has ever thought of it, I looked briefly, but couldn't find anything.

Empire vs Vampire Counts in >2000points

I think we all love VHS, but our opponents wise up to the old trick of level 1 wizard dangling in front of a Chaos lord etc. However, vs Vampires, take say 5 knights (with standard of Arcane warding), add in a wizard (with VHS & Crystal Ball) and a captain with (Aldreds Casket of Sorcery & Sigil of Sigmar).

Charge forward, annoy him with Aldreds Casket and crystal Ball, so he realises he has to take it down and destroy the unit before it destroys his magic, when he charges, challenge or accept a challenge with wizard. He'll end up with tons of high WS, high S attacks with a +1 to hit modifier. Sure the vampire will strike first, but with a single low strength vs high toughness. If he magics you, you have 3 dispel dice at least for each spell

This model will hopefully work well against CC and Magic heavy armies with no shooting, their only options are to magic (3 dispel dice) or combat, where hopefully you've manoeuvred in front of a unit with Vampire.

Alternatively, just Load up a massively tooled up Knight unit with 2 captains with addtional attacks plus a VHS wizard and charge head long into em, challenge, if he refuses, the unit is pretty much screwed coz of all the attacks!
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