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So heres my idea LO, my first love of any citadle miniature has always been the fantasy lizardmen, and after taking a look at the imperial guard codex, i realized how easy and cool it would be to make an army of these interesting creatures for use in 40K!
heres the Fluff, the lizardmen live on a relatively isolated world which also has a small human population. The two races live in peace until the imperial guard comes around trying to bring the planet under imperial control, and in the process begin a xenocidal war against the lizardmen. The lizardmen have very little technology other than primitive weapons and explosives, but manage to fend off the imperial guard, who were unprepared to fight in the dense jungle terrain. Even the local humans, loyal to their lizard allies helped to fight them off. After the guard was forced to retreat, they left behind warehouses of equipement, and the lizards and their human allies began to arm themselves and prepare for another assault.
Heres army comparisons::

Looted vehicles: Basically any guard vehicle, made to look damaged and piloted by a slightly unhinged lizardman.
Guardsmen: Saurus
Conscript, Snipers: Skinks w/ correct weapons
Veterans: Temple Guard
Ogryns: Kroxigors
Rough riders: Saurus on cold one
Heroes: Basically any lizardman hero
Pyskers: Shaman guys
Stormtroopers: Temple guard with imperial guard armor
Heavy weapon squads: heavy weapons manned by skinks or human allies (Catachans)
Possible Doctrines: Jungle Fighters, Warrior Weapons, Light Infantry

They would need to be converted to be carrying lasguns and such...
What do you think? Any other suggestions?

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Sure. Go right ahead.

All I have to mention is that the lizardman issue has sorta been touched upon before (in Rogue Trader) with the creation of a race of telepathic reptilian centaurs, supposedly related to the Old Ones (like in Fantasy) who had been enslaved by the nid's for use as a diplomatic vehicle. Since 'Nids were reinterpreted to be an unstoppable galactic menace with no need for diplomacy, and 40k was moving away from FB, they were summarily dropped.

You can make your own lizardmen, it's a clean slate for you to work with.
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