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All tanks in a Blood Angels? A little help plz

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I look at Blood Angels and I notice they have awesome troop advantages and awesome tank advantages too. I was wondering, should you make an all tank list, all troop list or a mix?

In all tanks, I've created a list consisting of 9 heavy bolters and 12 assault cannons not to mention 3 furioso dreadnoughts. That's a pretty good army if you ask me. That's about 3 Baal, 9 Tornadoes, 3 Razorbacks w/ marines inside and a master.

In all troops, you can get some pretty fast moving men. Also alot of feared Death Company. That is also a good idea.

When you mix the two, you will probably choose to have all 3 Baal Predators and the rest troops. This doesnt give you as much firepower but it does give alot of close hand combat, but not as much as the all troop list.

Respond back plz
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I think a mix is probally the best because it provides balence and versitility.
It may not seem good now, but when you are playing in a tourny and your playing a tank BA list, and the scenario doesn't exactly go your way..... thats when you are wishing you added more marines!

In my 1500pt tourny list I play 2 baals, 2 LST, 2 large jumping assaulting units (Death company & 10 man Assault squad), and about 4 or 5 troop squads. This list works wonders, and usually gets me a birth into the semifinals!

You should take that into consideration.

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