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Hi everyone

Today we bring you a new army, one of the most ambiguous of the traitor Legions...or maybe a loyalist one? Of course we are talking about the Alpha Legion!

Our customer wanted a massive collection including practically the full range of models released by Games Workshop focusing on the Primaris Space Marines and adding some vehicles and especial units/characters from Forge World. Yes, you have read well. We have used Primaris Space Marines to build a whole traitor legion army.

One curious point that our customer has requested according to the lore of this legion is that all models must wear helmets. In the same way we have used plenty of MKIV Alpha Legion shoulders pads in the infantry units along with several transfer sheets from Forge World to apply the appropriate markins that an army like this demands.

We have used our level 2 “lieutenant” for all infantry units while our customer opted for our level 3 “captain” for all characters and main vehicles in order to have more details or more elaborated effects such as power weapons, battle damages, etc.

Full gallery here:

We hope you like this new army and soon we will come back with more interesting projects. As usual, all your comments are always welcome!

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