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alround, friendly 2000 points list

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i have just been using the list below and was thinking what you were thinking about it. i quite like it. My most regular opponent is O&G with grimgors ardboyz.

AoG, SM, guarding phoenix, Pure 225

Mage 160
lv2, RoF
lv2, DS, JoD 165

16 spearelves -> FC 206
16 spearelves -> FC 206
6 Sliver Helms , whole lot, FC 173

16 Sword Masters -> FC 238
2 Tiranoc Chariots 170

17 White lions -> FC 256
2 RBT's 200

The prince joins the White lions in the hope that he becoms the general.
my mage with DS, JoD takes Lore of Heavens and always second sign (rerolls for the ROF and anything else) the other high magic or fire or whatever.

any critcs are greatly appreaciated and welcome

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I like the list. It's very balanced and friendly. I actually think it's a little too friendly. On the good side. Nice magic (not too much as many HE players tend to take) and you don't need more shooting then the 2 RBTs. And sticking the Prince in the WL is good. Even if he won't be the general you will still need him in there. The big problem with WL is that they strike last and are not very well armored. So the prince getting initiative will allow them to live after the enemy strikes so they can still fight back.

There is however a big and glaring weakness in this list lack of speed and armor. Your WL will be fine against shooting but both WL and SM are very easy to kill with magic. The SM will also attract alot of shooting which they can't witstand any better then a normal spearman. So you have all but 1 unit with AS 5+ and slow speed. Also the spearmen are 16 in number so I asume you will line them up in 4X4. I would add 2 and make it 6X3. Granted 1 less combat res but 6 attacks more

So I would consider bumping one spearman unit to 18 and dropping the other then take as many 5 SH units you can (don't bother taking command but take all the armor upgrades)

Would also consider replacing the SM'swith 5 DP's and a unit of reavers. Now you have alot of speed. With the list you have you don't have much chance of getting a flank/rear charge in. And unfortunately the high elves generally don't win straight up fights.
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one unit less of infantry, one unit more of flanking, ie SH, ER, DP
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