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Alternate 40k Roster/Mission system concept

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I've been kicking these ideas about for a while and I'm thinking about fleshing them out into a proper system. The underlying concept is that when a roster is made, a standard force is chosen to the point limit (a regular detachment as per usual), and also an auxilary force is chosen (perhaps up to 1/2 the point limit). Before deployment, each side would have an opportunity to see some, but not all, of the opposing standard force. Subsequently, a limited number of substitutions may be made by each player from their auxilary force into their standard force, which is then deployed according to the mission to be played. The force that both players end up using must be a proper detachment within the point limit.
It of course all needs to be detailed with proper rules mechanics bringing in things like Strategy Ratings and Scouts, and the missions need to be rewritten somewhat to make it all mesh. To be honest, I don't know if the rules really demand big changes like this, but I like making rules, and this seems to be the place where such ideas might be appreciated. :ninja:
Looking for ideas/feedback before I go off and work it all out in full. Cheers all.
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this would be cool for tournies and stuff, but in friendly games my friends and I usually make up our lists on the way over to the table, so this isn't much of an issue. IMHO it would also need to be a slightly smaller amount for the auxiliaries, probalby 10% of the points cost to prevent games from getting redundantly doomtastic.
You're right, I was thinking in terms of a competitive environment/tournament. I don't like the strategy of creating a one-dimensional army list while betting no one who has designed a 'rounded' roster will be flexible enough to counter it.... But of course, as you mention, too much flexibility is a bad thing too. I've come up with a trade-off mechanism - every player is given 3 'Tactical Rerolls' to spend during the game (a la BloodBowl); however, they may also be used before the game to substitute Auxiliary Forces at the cost of 1TR/selection. Not entirely elegant since it needed a new in-game rule, so if you see a better trade-off solution let me know.
Whenever I manage to get around to finishing it all off, I'll post it up.
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