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Alternate Chimera Look

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Well.. My new army is going to have Chimeras in it, but I don't like the idea of using purely 'standard' models for them. I feel like altering some stuff..

Anyway, i wanted my army to have a 'techy' look, so I figured, why not do something a bit like a razorback.. with an unmanned turret guided remotely from inside the tank.

My current plan was to use the frame from the havoc launcher on the chaos vehicle sprue.. Here's an image of it attached to a rhino.. Imagine just the framey bit, without the missile launching bit attached.

Cut it down to appropriate size and, instead of the havoc launcher, stick the predator heavy bolter sponson in the middle. Here's a pic..

I'd have to think of some way to get the ammo feed looking convincing. I could always stick the ammo box which comes with the predator sponson onto the exterior of the tank somehow.. but I'd need to get the parts before I work out how.

Finally, i could add some extra armour with plasticard if I felt it looked too fragile, and maybe add some kind of large lens (with guitar wire feeding into the interior) to represent a camera feed for the gunner.

Any general suggestions for how I could make this better?.. Also, how could I stick it onto the chimera in a way which would make it look rotatable?

I might order the parts tommorow, so I might have a test model up for perusal soonish..
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Hmm, I really like the idea, it should look good. One comment, the ammo box for the HB sponson is pretty much half the gun; I think it would take a bit of work to get it to look right with the ammo box not in the regular 'attached' position. Why not leave it there with the ammo feed hanging down in front as per the regular sponson?

Dude, that sounds really nifty. You know, if you put the ammo box on the mount itself the apparatus could rotate 360 degrees.
another way to do this would be to take the side sponson and to carve out the rear section and have it facing forwards (admitedly this would remove the 360 aspect but it's the look you are after) then bulid a box with slanting edges to fix this to the chimera hull.

now as for the ammo feed how much work are you willing to put into this?

as you can achieve a realistic flexable feed by cutting the feed into sections and then attaching these sections together by threading them with wire. youachieve this by drilling 2 holes completely through all the sections and thread some single strand picture wire through these sections (you will however have to ensure that this is firmly attached at both ends).

now if you are looking to have twin heavy bolters in here instead then id suggest you use a lego technical turnstyle to attach these to the mount, (again this will have to be securely fixed to both sections)

as for the actual ammo container you can use the ammo boxes from the land raider crusader.

hope this helps

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Here's another thought to consider...the HB sponson bit will have a hole on one side of it where it attaches to the pivot rod on the predator. Have you considered other HBs - for example, how about the HB from the IG weapons teams? That way, if you wanted to show ammo feed, you could trim off the ammo from the feed box (you'd need like 3 or so) and heat them to bend. Just an alternative.

There are other heavy bolters out there too - some would need more modification to make them look right, but don't limit yourself. Good Luck! Can't wait to see the WIP
If I were you I'd go with the standard multilaser. Not only is it good and keeps the vehicle looking guardy, despite the conversions, but you also only have to connect it to the hull with a simple cable (guitar wire) instead of an ammo-feed :)
You could take the barrel from the standard multilaser and attach it to a HW-team lascannon, or a metal lascannon if you need to.
Sounds like an interesting project, Will you be posting pics?

Can't wait to see it, overall its your idea and you have to go with what you like..

Let it roll..
Thanks for all the advice guys..

unfortunately, you've pretty much set me back to the drawing board, looking for additional bits and pieces I could add. There will be pics, but they might take a few weeks. ;)
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