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Hey everyone, after Christmas with a bit of spare money I'm trying to decide on which army to start collecting which might suit my playstyle, preferably something CC'ish thats not horde and preferably not space marines.
Anyway I'm originally an Eldar player mainly because I love the models and enjoy painting them.
Looking at the Chaos Daemons codex I found the Khorne choices quite interesting, however don't really like the models all that much, nor the lore (have also collected Grey Knights and prefer to be killing daemons than playing them!).
What does interest me is the play rules.

The concept I have is creating my own lore/fluff about an Eldar exodite clan that unlike the many craftworlds (who simply received shards of Khaine) instead received Khaine's heart when he was sundered apart by Slaanesh, and as such have become an extremely warlike and formiddable force, particularly in close combat. As followers of Khaine, despite his much weakened state they receive many advantages on the battle feild, heightening their already formidable eldar abilities.
As such they are superhumanly fast, tough and strong. (Allowing them to inherit the various Khorne Daemon rules and roles).

Basically I'm thinking of using Bloodletters, Flesh Hounds, Bloodcrushers, Furies (maybe), a Herald of Khorne, and possibly Daemon Princes.
I'm interested in the Wood Elves lines and considered maybe using wardancers as Bloodletters (might seem lame, but I can't find any other CC'ish models I really like), and possibly non GWS model lines for the Hounds, Bcrushers etc. The Avatar would probably represent the Herald of Khorne, although I would kind of like to make him the upgraded chariot type, but not 100% sure on this, nevertheless he would be the army leader.

My main concern though is how this would be received if I try and play this army. If I turn up with a fully converted army -exactly- following the daemons codex (including proper representations of weapons and Khorne symbols swapped for Khaine) will I be able to play, or do people see this as unacceptable or something?

Just interested to hear some Daemon players thoughts.

Just for some background - I don't really like playing Vehicles or Mech based lists. (Should I just be waiting for 6th ed lol)
I realise daemons aren't fast moving (well not Khorne) but the rules seem like they might be ok, and they look wicked once they reach CC.
I enjoy painting as much as playing, so I want models that will look cool, and be able to convert. I think some of the daemon models are cool, but not all, and would rather use different models or play a different army if it was a choice of the rules and all daemon models, or something else.

Anyway welcome any opinions. Particularly if this is a viable army, I enjoy painting alot but also want an army that will work.

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That sounds like an awesome idea, please make a log.

Pure Khorne Daemons have problems with mobile and mech armies thanks to their lack of speed, but Flesh Hounds, Thirsters,and Grinders/DPs can go a long way towards mitigating that. If you're not going to do all Khorne, I'd definitely look into Fiends.

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I wouldn't be hugely concerned if it wasn't an absolutely pure Khorne army, but I do want it to be mainly CC based, so if Furies add something otherwise missing or required then they certainly will get a lookin, plus a flying creature has so many opportunities for what it will be represented by!

I'll try and work out a basic list of what I'm thinking to start with and will include a bit of fluff to explain my choices.

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I agree with ==Me==. If you want to go pure Khorne, or close to it, then you need to use Bloodthirsters and winged princes, otherwise you won't have the speed necessary to take down enemy vehicles. The wardancers sound like an interesting choice for bloodletters. I'd go for it.

Your army definitely sounds like a neat, fluffy choice, although if you want a balanced force overall, then I'd consider throwing in some units with bolt, some plaguebearers and/or pink horrors for objective grabbing, and some fiends for speed.

Good luck!

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Ok so the latest update:

I'll probably use the Bloodthirster rules for my Avatar, as his stats are somewhat similar to an Avatars, just with more speed , flexibility and power.
He will be the figurehead of the army, while being expensive fits the fluff, as the Embodiment of the Avatar of Khaine's heart is far more powerful than those found on other Craftworlds during times of war.
For now I'll be using a normal Avatar model, but a Forgeworld model might be an idea to really represent this a bit more properly.
To further explain my Blootletters of Khorne standins having power weapons the Heart of Khaine is used during times or dormancy when it simply burns with a fiery heat to forge the weapons of trainee warriors, those surviving drawing their choice of weapon across its surface being accepted by Khaine, and having a weapon for life, never to lose its edge or brake, and capable of cutting through almost anything.

For the Bloodletters (will call them this for now for simplicities sake - but they can be of Khaine) I've actually ordered a box of Tharn Bloodtrackers as they are a bit more fearsome and ferocious than the War Dancers, but I will see what they are like when they arrive before making the final decision.

These are the building block of the Khaine Exodite army, those blessed with Khaine's strength and battle prowess, capable of dodging any attack or shot (the 5+ invuln), and armed with rudimentary spears that despite their appearance can cut through almost any material with ease.


Initially after The Fall this craftworld was a space worthy Eldar ship that managed to ride out the Psychic explosion but was crippled and forced to crash land on a maiden world that had been left abandoned for future use.
Unfortunately their arrival coincided with an Ork war parties investigation of the planet, and their ship crash landed near to the same parties camp.
Upon landing the Eldar swiftly left their ship, moving into the dense undergrowth taking shelter where they could, frightened by the sounds of nature surrounding them.
Before long the sound of crashing and gutteral talking could be heard, and out of the forest emerged Orks, first a few then gradually more and more, till several hundred stood watching the Eldar ship.
The eldar easily outnumbered this force, but few where trained in combat, and even fewer had an inclination to fight after their fight for survival from an unknown warp force.
Only the captain of the ship and its security personal, Eldar trained in the use of Shuriken catapults came forward as the Orks approached the ship, obviously having decided that looting was worth a few possible burns.
They numbered only 50, as many more had been killed fighting to keep the ship from an uncontrollable entry into the planets orbit.
The Captain came forward from the woods an ancient ceremonial sword in hand and a Shuriken Pistol with ornate captains runes upon it loosely held at side.
Facing down the largest Ork he demanded they remove themselves from the Eldar landing site, eyes flashing and aggressive posturing sending a message that words could not.
While the Ork chief was familiar with the dangers of crossing the Eldar these numbered so few, and so ill equipped he quickly came to the decision a scrap was worth the danger, and roaring to his companions started to charge the Eldar crew.
At this very moment the landscape turned blood red, and a screaming was heard, then a bright light became visible in the sky falling rapidly towards the Eldar ship. Hurtling down it cast an eerie bloodshot light upon the scene below stalling the Orks charge, and transfixing all the creatures below with its fiery glare.
In seconds it hit the Eldar ship and the light disappeared leaving the Orks and Eldar once against in their standoff.
Again the Ork cheif roared and charged forward only to be ripped to shreds by Shuriken fire, his warriors however where undeterred and a wave of green charged forward, firstly slowed and dwindled by Shuriken fire, but soon reaching the Eldar lines where the Captain, sword in hand chopped his way through the enemy, his crew tightly packed behind him using their Shuriken catapults to stave off enemy attacks and occasionally bash a skull in.
Despite their speed the Eldar soon found themselves outmatched, and the Captain was struck a blow to his shoulder tearing through his ornate captains armour and letting blood flow free.
Eldar blood was spilled for the first time, and from within the Eldar ship a rumble was heard, followed by the crashing of metal, and shockwaves that would be felt even from quite a distance.
The Eldar Captain and Crew fought valiantly as more and more where struck down till just 20 remained, blood drenched and weary.
As the Orks came in for a final assault the hull of the Eldar ship nearest the battle burst open, and a towering figure exuding a bright red light stepped forth, a giant spear in hand, trailing blood and roaring incoherently.
Without pausing it moved towards the battling groups, mesmerising both with its sheer presence, both the Eldar and Orks felt a quickening their blood singing and limbs tingling, however only one group had this creatures blessing and as it reached the first Ork its spear flashed out ripping the creature apart in a single twisting thrust.
With its first kill its eyes burnt brighter, runes glowing previously unseen amongst its armour, fissures and cracks crackling with white hot heat, and it charged the centre of the remaining Orks, stilling numbering well over a hundred, its spear snapping out in waves, tearing Orks apart like they where little more than grass before a blade.
Weapons where deflected off its hide useless, and the strongest blows did not even make it falter.
The Eldar seeing victory within their grasp pushed their offensive, remaining far enough apart from the creature not to be effected by the immense heat it was exuding, filled with battle rage.
Within minutes not a living Ork was left and the towering creature stood still facing off towards the distance where the Orks had issued from.
Eldar slowly moved from the surrounding growth, gathering behind the Captain and his crew, realising that if this beast decided to end their existance then there was nothing any of them could do to prevent it.
The Captain, bloodied but still alive stepped toward the creature Sword and Pistol hanging at his side waited.
Slowly the creature turned, its gaze sweeping over the assembled Eldar, before fixing on the Captain, it took a giant step forward, and the Captain's reflexes automatically brought his sword up before he could stop himself.
The creature reached out immediately and grasped the sword blade, which immediately became to hot to the touch, but the Captain held on. The Blade became white with heat, but the hilt remained merely hot. After a few seconds the creature released its grip and the Captain withdrew his blade which now shone with a red tinge, swirling along the blade.
The creature opened its jaws and after several futile attempts managed to croak out a single word, "Khaine".
The assembled Eldar fell to their knees, here was the embodyment of a god, and a god not well disposed to the Eldar at that!
The creature looking around nodded, and then trudged back into the Eldar ship via the path it had torn, till it reached a central chamber, where it settled and then before the eyes of the following Eldar slowly reformed into a large glowing ember, beating in time with the Eldar who had witnessed its battles hearts.
The Captain came forward and reached out till his hand was almost touching its surface and after a brief flash jumped back, with a rune of Khaine, a sword dripping blood burnt into his palm. Silenty the warriors who had fought with him, and the braver of the onlookers likewise came to stand hands just out of reach of the beating heart and where likewise marked.
Vowing their unspoken allegiance to Khaine in exchange for his blessings, teachings and protection.
Of the original crew of several thousand only just over a thousand of the Eldar received the rune of Khaine, and over time only they flourished, becoming stronger, faster and more resilient than the normal eldar amongst them, and those who very rarely visited from other craftworld.
As generations passed all the Eldar carried the rune, passed down from their ancestors, and the society evolved into one of martial prowess. Only those who cared for the original ship where held aloof from warrior duties, their charge instead to guard the Hearts chambers, and repair the ship as a suitable temple for its followers.
As such the ship is now known as the Altar of Khaine and the Eldar who inhabit this world are the Khaine's Children.
Khaine's Children only however use the technology they brought with them, including their ships massive defensive weapons to protect their world and rarely stray far from it, without the more advanced eldar technology that has been adapted to war since then. With only limited knowledge of the webway they also have little contact except with the Harlequins, who despite following a different path and god are said to share their training and combat secrets with Khaine's Children and are in return allowed to train amongst them, and even more rarely take a member of their warrior society to join their band.
Instead they fell back on a more tribal and primitive nature and take advantage of their natural advantages and natures gifts such as creatures of the wild, some of whom, like the Eldar came to the Altar and in their own way received the blessing of Khaine.
They occasionally will assist other craftworld in need of help, or take in troubled youths who cannot tread the path and would otherwise fall to the Darkness, but theirs is an existance that few Craftworld eldar chose, as it is a path that cannot be given up, and a system of beleif devoted around a god, when another god destroyed their race.
In times of war or strife their planet is somewhat a sanctuary as it is protected by an unknown force that allows no weaponry from space to breach its atmosphere, however landing forces have on many occasions made planet fall, and all those with an unfriendly nature have quickly found themselves at the end of a spear, killed by an unseen opponent from the dense forests.
The few survivors have spread the tales, and the planet is known as an area not worth troubling, a theory only further reinforced by chaos in all its forms totally avoiding its region in space, and even the Tyranids themselves ignoring the planet for other targets.
The nature of Khaine's Children is however warlike, and war amongst the seperate tribes is a way of life, the spilling of blood sacred and tantamount. While fighting amongst themselves is generally more a tradition they are still an aloof and arrogant people and often a slight insult can lead to massive clashes. In this way only the strongest of Khaine's Children survive and those with a more adventurous nature travel with warbands along the webways, looking for challenges and ways to prove their worth to their god, particularly in the hunt for daemons and psykers.
While the Bloodletters are the most common and original of the warrior castes of Khaine they have expanded into many different battle roles and now their armies include many varying warrior classes. In this way when war is called the Children of Khaine are capable of taking on any foe, earning their warrior class greater prestige and more initiatives.

If this is a breach of GWS Copyright in any way just let me know and I'll remove it or it can be removed by a mod/admin.

I realise this is all very Eldar like so your probably thinking I should have this in the Eldar forum instead but seeing as I'm using the Daemon rules and playstyle its here for now.

As I work out more unit choices I'll add more fluff and backstory if people are interested.
Probably next I'll be working out how to represent a Daemon Prince standin, Furies, Flesh Hounds and possibly something with Bolt since it is very good against vehicles :p


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