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It wouldn't hurt to share some thought of your own while starting a thread.

Now on to the Amulet of Itzl. Its the same cost as the Glyph Necklace and both serve to increase the life of your character (lets say a Scar-vet), so lets compare them against each other.

The mean number of times your Scar Vet will survive a failed armour save:

2.833 for Amulet of Itzl
3 Glyph Necklace

On character with more wounds (Oldblood and Slann) the Glyph Necklace gets further ahead.

However, if you are being wounded by a weapon that deals multiple wounds you have a 5/6 chance of avoiding it with the Amulet and only a 1/3 with the Necklace. I have used the Amulet with the purpose of making my opponent waste his first cannonball shot trying to kill a Scar Vet I deployed out of a unit by 'mistake'.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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