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Andusciassus a dread just for you

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well as requested my two wip chaos dreads

the normal dread i stopped cause some robbing twat in mail order sold me the bits then built his own version and had it posted in the dwarf.

the second well defiler bits and inquisitor bits were the order of the day here, (im actually debating whether or not i can use this as a iron warriors deamon prince with the stature of course;) ).

as always comments are more than welcome.

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Ok, I'm gonna steal your idea with that second Dred and get it posted in the Dwarf ;)
Looks great btw as well. That second one is massive!
Nice stuff. That second one is huge!
That second Dreadnought is insane. Its abosolutely brilliant though
It happends rarely, but I'm speachless. That second dread is like forged from pure evilility. I can but second Camel's idea. I'll steal the design...when my economy allows.
I bow in gratitude Decado.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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