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Hey guys - new year means new shiny medals! It's time for our annual (okay, so we missed last year maybe) awards. For those of you who haven't done this before, I'll explain; this is your chance (everyone's chance, even new members), to have a little say and vote for members who you think have been actively doing a stand-up job around the community, and give them a little reward for being so awesome.

The awards, for those who aren't aware, are the medals that you see below some people's user names. I have a few, for example. You also get the love and adoration of your peers. The medals are permanent, once you have one, you keep it forever and can always earn it again next year. The love and adoration of your peers is... well, you know how that is ;)

This thread will run for 3 weeks. The first two weeks are for nominations, and the last week will handle the voting.

To enter, you may nominate up to three members per category, this may include yourself. Please make your nominations and category clear by using either bold and/or underline - if they are not, they shall be ignored.

Please post your nominations in this thread.

After a specific period I shall then collect the names, and create a series of polls, which members are allowed to vote for who they desire to collect said award.

If you have questions/queries etc, then either PM me, or post in this thread.

You have two weeks for your nominations. Following that this thread will be closed for nominations and instead a number of polls will be set up with the entries, you may then vote for whomever you choose.

The Categories for Nominations

-Best Overall Member
-Funniest Member
-Screw loose Award
-Most Helpful Member
-Best Writer
-Best Artist
-Painting Master
-Conversion Master
-Fluff Know it all
-Services to LO Award.
-Hardest Mod
-Nicest Mod
-Best Sig - can be a quote or graphic
-Best Avatar
-Best gaming topic - Please include the original poster's name
-Best non-gaming topic - Please include the original poster's name
-Funniest non-gaming topic - Please include the original poster's name

Obviously, if nobody is nominated for an award, we'll simply not issue that award. So there's no sense in not nominating at least someone for each category.

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Sorry missed this mate.

-Best Overall Member - Captain Sarathai
-Most Helpful Member - SlayerFan & Frost89
-Painting Master - Odinsgranson
-Conversion Master - Blackadder
-Fluff Know it all - Captain Sarathai (who's a general know-it-all)
-Services to LO Award -Captain Sarathai (for his AoS Points system)
-Hardest Mod - JVK
-Best Avatar - JVK (problem astartes?)
-Best gaming topic - Intrepid with his Vote War campaign

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Don't think I've actually been here long enough or seen enough activity to pick any choices! I'll keep it in mind when browsing the forum!
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