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OK I'm just getting back into the game, and instead of making an Eldar army again I decided to go with Templars. Why? Probably because I remember fighting them long ago and they were the only marines I thought i could get into.

So... I'm not really rich and my brother gave me a bunch of stuff so i have put together a 2000pt list with what I have that I hope will be competitive.

Please let me know if there is anything that is relatively inexpensive I can do to drastically improve it please let me know.
All criticism is welcome.

For the Emperor!

Black Templars 2000pt

Master of Sanctity.
Artificer armor
Jump pack
Terminator Honors
Teleport Homer
Holy orb of Antioch

Emperor’s Champion

Crusader Squad I
10 Marines-Bolters
Power weapon

Crusader Squad II
10 Initiates-Pistols/CCW
Power Fist

Assault Squad
Power Fist
2x Flamer

Land Speeder Tornado Squadron
3x Assault Cannon

Sword Brethren Terminator Squad
5 Terminators
Chain Fist

Sword Brethren Squad
5 Sword Brethren
Lightning Claws
Power Weapon
Rhino Transport
Smoke Launchers

Venerable Dreadnought
Multi Melta
Heavy Flamer
Drop Pod


Smoke Launcher

Predator Annihilator
Lascannon Side-Sponsons


TOTAL 1985

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Can you give us a list of what models you have? That'd help a fair bit in sorting out what sort of army you could build.

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I other than what is on the list i have a Rhino, and I just got 5 more marines and about 10 scouts today. I'm sure they should be added. I'm in the process of trying to get a drop pod for the terms or maybe a crusader squad.

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That's not a lot to work with, but I think we can make it happen.

First off, play your dreadnought as a venerable dread, and put it in the drop pod. Venerable dreads can take a stupid amount of punishment compared to most vehicles, so they make great threats/bullet magnets. Consider replacing the TLLC with a Multi-melta, too. MM/HF dreads are scary to anyone.

Terminators don't need drop pods. They can teleport onto the field completely on their own. If you're worried about scatter, give a teleport homer to your chaplain.

Run your champion with your sword brethren, and drive them up in the rhino. A land raider is normally ideal for this sort of high power squad, but it's also a very expensive option.

Maximize the size of your footslogger crusader squads. Walking templar units really only work in large numbers. Fortunately, you've got the models to do this. I also suggest dropping the missile launcher for a power/special weapon of some sort. (in fact, try to scrounge up more weapon options in general. they're the biggest thing you're lacking in)

You should probably run your land speeders as a single squadron. You won't loose any firepower, and this'll reduce the number of extraneous killpoints you'll have on the field.

This was all mostly just nitpicking. Given the restrictions your working under, you've actually done a pretty good job of getting a list together.

EDIT: Oh, and get as many of the Holy Orbs of Antioch onto the field as you can. Those things are incredibly awesome.
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