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I play a lot of chaos/loyalist marines, and I try to run balanced armies ... but I'm running into some obstacles. Namely, Tau, Armored Company, and Honor-Your-Wargear Missile Launcher devestator armies. I am sick of these armies.

So I'm going to sink to their level with Iron Warriors. 3 squads of Oblits and a Basilisk, at 1850 points. The question is, what should I sandwich in between?

Troopwise, I can run 4-6 squads for 600-750 points. 4 squads of 10, with two kitted out with 2x meltaguns, infiltrate, and cc weps, or 5 of 8, with 2 cc/melta squads, or 6 of 6-7 and everyone carrying plasma gun/lascannon and plasma gun/heavy bolter combinations.

A squad of 6 raptors with an AC, infiltrate, MoCU and 3 meltaguns costs 228 (208 without the AC and the Mark, which are there for leadership) A defiler with indirect would be 175. I could drop in one of these, or two, if I didn't take the raptors. I could also field a squad of terminators, and deepstrike nearly half the army.


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A friend of mine plays IW with a good half of his army devoted to CC and it works well. Two rhino squads (which work well if they can hide) and two infiltrating squads. How that would fair against the armies you've mentioned I don't know.
Maybe bring in more guns; use your remaining 2/3 heavy slots for havocs. (Nothing says death to armour or hordes like sixteen heavy weapons...8))
Possibly instead of meltaguns, have multiple lascannon squads. This would make your army incredibly anti-tank, just what your devastator armies need.

For assault, look at maybe the bikes, for charging and attracting fire, leading your oblits into doing serious damage without taking wounds.
Ah someone coming to Iron Warrior land. You really want to cheese, don't run vehicles. Run 3 slots of Oblits, and 4 slots of havocs. Inflitrate all the havocs with 4 plasma gun, its expensive point wise, actually pretty cheap on the pocket. Devote your troops slots to CC, with units of 7-8 with melta guns. Your going to take a lot of casaulties, however if you get first turn your opponent will pretty much eat a lot of plasma fire. I've done this with plasma guns, heavy bolters, and all out CC IW with melta guns. Its too many marines to counter while they can still tank hunt. The Oblits you leave out in the open as you actually want your opponent to shoot them. This is the basics, i can give you more details if you want.
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