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Anti-Space Wolves Tactics/List

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Hey, I was wondering if anybody could give me any strategies or army lists to beat Space Wolves (I have a 1500 point game comming up). Thanks in advance.

EDIT: The list is in Post # 7.
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Be sure to take destroyers, a lith (slightly optional) and a lord with VoD so that you can both avoind CC and teleport out of it.

play them like any other space marine list (with an emphasis on avoinding CC)
Thanks 'Dred. Would oyu suggest the "Flying Circus" tactic? (The one where you VoD a bunch of Immortals around and shoot stuff)
You could also make a close combat list. While your chances of winning are about 50-50, it is a load of fun.

Flayed ones, pariahs (optional but great), spyders, and a wraith wing is just way to much fun to pass up, at least for me.
Thanks, but no thanks. I prefer to play it safe, not charge into a slaughter. I'm thinking of using a large amount of Scarabs (9 bases to be exact) to tie up his heavy weaopns and fast attack until my main forcve arrives. Does that sound like a good plan?
Shooting and speed are what you want. You don't want to fight someone else's army playing to their strengths if you can help it.

If possible(and no doubt you'd be doing this anyways) target his transports, tanks and long fangs first and then just stay out of 12" of the rest and you should be fine.
Thanks. I hope I'm not breaking any rules or any thing by posting this:

Anti-Space Wolves Crons

Lord - VoD, Res Orb
200 Points

12 Warriors
12 Warriors
12 Warriors
648 Points

Fast Attack
3 Destroyers
3 Destroyers
300 Points

Heavy Support
1 Tomb Spyder
1 Tomb Spyder
1 Monolith
345 Points

Total Points - 1493
Total 'Crons - 43
Phase Out - 10

I think this would be a hit and run army, with Destroyers harassing the flanks (Or protecting my own), the Lith and Spyders supporting my slow-moving troop block, and the Lord leading hit-and-run attacks. Please give me some ideas, and thanks to those who already have.
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Try and keep PP's away from the spyders. They are much better in CC, where their devestating attacks land on a 5+ at the least (like WS 5 or higher)

Keep the spyders infront of your forces or infront the the lith. Combine this with terrain (lith wise) and you have a nice, impossible to see, monolith. This can also help to force leadership checks to see if the puppies can shoot your warriors or destroyers.
Well, I'm hesitant to force Spyders into CC, even though they are great at it, because they will have little or no support. The idea of the list is to stay out of CC and keep moving, while picking off units.
That is a nice though, but a spyder with a PP has ork level Bs, so chances are you will hit one model a turn (if you are lucky). The PP also has pistol range, so this, combined with the low Bs, makes this a bad idea. Having them more suited for the inevitable is better. Besides, power claws (puppies seem to like these) have a hard time killing spyders, just don't make scarab swarms, unless you know you will get a good two turns to build them up. Power claw puppies also seem to have jump packs, so unless they misjudge the range, you will get assaulted before you can fire.
I guess you have apoint there. I will remove the PPs. Thanks.
Definitly take the Flying circus.

and a CC necron army would not have a 50-50 chance against space wolves with all teh power weapons SW's get, not to mention bc's have 4 attacks on the charge and up to 3 p.fists per squad.

Even if there was a 50-50 chance, thats not the chance that I would like my army to have to win.

Basically take as much fast shooty stuff as you can along with the lith.
Thanks again 'Dred.
So, um, how did the battle play out? I'm curious because SWs are the army I always wanted to build (since 2nd edition) but I never got around to playing, let alone building anything WH40K. Now, with renewed interest, I have the SM, SW, and EoT codices but have somehow ended up collecting and building a Necron army.
Unfortunatly, the SW player needs to buy more models (As do I), so the game has been postponed. I'll let you guys know how it went after I play it.
10 Flayed Ones supported by a Lord and a Tomb Spyder are a great close combat unit.
perhaps against normal units, but not space wolves. i play necrons, the guy i play against most plays space wolves. they OWN if they charge into combat, which they always will. And after all those power weapon and power fist attacks hit, there just wont be much left of your squad, enough maybe to land two wounds that will be saved. necrons are MUCH better being defensive and rapid firing them, it takes down alot. Flying circus is the way to go, deny them extended cc and you will have won. Monoliths and destroyers are hard for them to deal with.
This may also be one of the times id recommend a c'tan, as most space wolves have very little hard hitting ranged weapons, and in cc...well its over. just keep it back to protect your lines.
Khobai: I really don't like Flayed ones at all. Basically, they're a non-shotting warrior with more attacks and better initiative. They would get eaten alive by SW.

Sparticus: I think that's pretty sound advice, however, I am hesitant to include a C'tan because if I'm going to survive, I'm going to need ALOT of shooty. 300-360 points of C'tan = 15-20 Warriors. Even if he is a beats, he will get taken down when he gets into CC. They don't need especially powerful units, just lotsa guys. Otherwise, I think you have pretty good ideas.
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