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War Eagle. With that said, this here would be my neck of the woods.

There is a club in the Auburn area itself. They go by the name of War Mongers. Since the Hobby Town USA in Auburn decided to get out of the Games Workshop merchandise and stop having gaming in the store, the group has went somewhat underground. They meet up at private houses. Members can be found at Collector's Corner comic/toy shop and Hobby Town USA. They are a word of mouth club. Probably the best way of getting a hold of them is leaving a message on the message board at Hobby Town.

Now outside the Auburn area, there is a comic shop in Montgomery, AL called Visions. Montgomery is about 45 minutes from Auburn. They have regular meetups but one should call ahead of time to see about what gaming is schedule for that time.

Edit: Here is a link to a gaming group in Huntsville, AL. There are a few members there that are in the Auburn area as well. Possibly might be able to meet with them. H.A.A.W.G.S
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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