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Hi all,

My local store is starting a league for 500pt armies possiblt growing to 1000pts armies if it goes well. Anyway, i was just woundering if thier are any treid and proven 500pts lists out thier i may want to try. Winning would be a nice bonus but i happy with just not being mauled by other small armies for now.

Basicaly im looking at the moment of running a naked thane with GW and Shield in a unit of 16 warriors with full command and Shields. With that two units of 10 Quarrelers with shields.

Comes to bang on 500pts, tho I'm thinking of dropping a warrior to put Ro Stone on the Thane.

Any comments or alt lists would be welcome thanks.

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well if i play 500 pts i like to go with:

-rune of resistance

10 warriors
- shields

10 longbeards
-rune of battle

9 ironbreakers
- standard
- musician
- rune of stoicism

comes to 497

it obviously leaves something to be desired with it being a non shooty list but thats how i like my lists
it probably wouldnt win many games but i find it interesting to play with

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I like your idea saltrock, I think the army you proposed will do great.
Drop the warrior unit down to fifteen for RoStone on your Thane because you can put the Thane in the unit any way to make it 16 strong. The army should do well if you make the change. Your warriors will form a strong anchor while your crossbows will rip shreds out of advancing enemy. The only problems will form against armies like skaven and goblins where they will have very great numbers. Small point games are where horde armies shine. You need to be very careful how you deploy and always deploy your crossbows so they automatically have atleast one unit in range. Otherwise the list should do good.

quik-quik, kill-kill!
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I have tried this one:

masterrune of gromril
great weapon

20 warriors
full command


10 quarrelers
great weapons

bolt thrower

499 pts, it has a big block, a warmachine to kill monsters with and a good support unit that can hold it's own with the shields and withstand enemy fire, or charge into combat with it's great weapons ( those rock, seriously. I've killed elven nobles and monsters alike with them, nobody expects that a group of 10 dwarfs on a hill suddenly hits back with str 5.
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