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any way to be spures for suits?

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any way to buy (weapons) for suits?

started my army off of ebay, and the guy I purchased it from didn't give me any bits with the army.

can i purchases flamers/fusion/Burst/missle pods/twinlinked missle(for broadside), etc from gamesworkshop.

my buddies who play the IG and Ork have a classic section that they can purchase seperate things, tau doesn't seem to have a classic section.

would anyone be willing to part with spare bits they don't need anymore to a poor tau noob?
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Tau don't have a classic section cuz they're new. You can buy individual sprues, but they're not that cheap. I can't remember offhand which weapons and such come on what sprues, I have some unused ones (came with forge world models) at home, so I can check. I do know they kinds coyly split the torso between several sprues.
...and this is why I don't ebay.

Check GW Mail Order, you can Bitz-order sprues through them, but it's expensive. Checking in with your local game store or GW Hobby Center may yield better results (did you know Redshirts get 80% off on bitz orders?).

Failing that, you might try a want-ad in the trade forum. Never been there myself, but it's worth a shot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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