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I have an apocalypse match next Wednesday against the Tau for a laugh and I am trying out two of the new datasheets. The army rather then split in generic structure, which has no relevance in Apocalypse, by data sheets and the rest

Data Sheet 1 – The Green tide

Warboss with eavy armour and big choppa
Mad Doc
Mek with custom force field
Wierdboy Warphead
100 Choppa & Slugga Boyz
10 Rokkits

Cost - 1165 pts

The big flaw and bonus to this set up is the Mad Doc who will give the whole unit feel no pain while effectively causing me to have little control over where they go. I am debating whether to include him

Data Sheet 2 – Shock Attack Battery

3 x Mek with SAG
10 Snotling bases
2 Runtherds

Cost – 460 pts

Everything Else

2 x 25 Slugga Boyz with 2 big shootas and a Nob with power klaw and heavy armour
18 Stormboyz inc Zagstruk
12 Tankhunters with tankhammers and a Nob with boss pole and 3 bomb squiqs
15 Lootas
2 x 3 Big Guns (Zap) + 3 ammo runts + Runtherd

Cost – 1347 pts

Total – 2972 pts (28 spare)

I would normally take a kult of speed army vs Tau but as we start a mere 12 inches from each other I cant really see the point. I will be using the shield generator stratagem to cover SAG’s, Lootas and Big Guns with INV save. So what do people think? I would appreciate any advise or suggestions you can give especially my foolish Ork like idea of effectively putting a 1/3 of the army under the control of a psychopathic madman who will infect the others with his instability
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