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hi was hopeing you guys could give this a look over. will be fighting against necrons :)

Genestealers x10 X3
extended carapace, toxin sacs

Wariors x3 X4
adrenal gland (WS), extended carapace, leaping, toxin sacs,
rending claws, scything talons,

Raveners x5
scything talons, rending claws, devourer,

Zoanthrope x4
warp blast

Malanthrope x1

Endless swarm

Hormagaunt x20 X3

Gaunts x20 X2

Gaunts x20

Mycetic swarm 150 points
Carnifex x5
scything talons, scything talons, adrenal gland (I), adrenal gland (WS), toxic miasma, tail mace, reinforced chitin, flesh hooks,
spore cysts, bonded exoskeleton, regenerate, extended carapace

Tyrant x1
devourer, devourer, enhanced senses, toxin sac, winged, synapse, the horror, warp field,

Meiotic Spores x5

Bio Titan x1

Strategic Asset Blind barage

no idea how this will stand up if at all so any input is appreciated :D

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Granted that you have a bio-titan and all, but those Carnifexes, even in a "Spore Swarm", might help you out much more with ranged weapons, especially venom cannons.

On the other hand, you are playing against Necrons, so their only vehicles will be a few Monoliths, which the Bio-titan should be able to take care of pretty well.

Oh, and take a different asset. Either Flank March or Recon will be incredibly potent for Tyranids.

It looks like you have the makings of a pretty fun Apoc game on your hands.8Y
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