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Hi all, new to chaos, and would like to start a 1k sons list as I like the background behind them

Chaos 1k sons

HQ - Chaos Terminator lord
w/ Deamon weapon and MoT

HQ – Ahriman

Troops – (8marines 1 aspiring sorcerer)
w/ doom bolt

Troops – (8marines 1 aspiring sorcerer)
w/ doom bolt

Elites – 5x CC Terminators
w/ 4x lighting claws, 1x chain fist, IcoT

Elites - Dreadnaught
w/ plasma cannon and CC weapon

Heavy support – Chaos land raider

Heavy Support – Chaos Predator annihilator

Heavy Support – 2x Obliterators

Fast attack – 5x Raptors
w/ melta gun and a champ with lighting claws plus IcoT

does this look like a good soild balanced list? I know a terminator sorceror would make more sense over the lord but im taking Ahriman so the lord seemed a better idea to help the CC terminators

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Though I'm not used to playing Sons with the new Codex I must say I'm a bit worried about your low number of bodies..or rather armours..gah, you get what I mean.
Every game I've ever played with two units of Sons I always regreted not taking more. Both in this incarnation and the old.
They are costly, but also quite durable.

I would consider dropping the Lord in favour of a flying DP, my experience with the Daemon Weapon of Tzeentch left quite a bitter taste in my mouth. That unreliable piece of wargear really made my opponents day..oh in combination with a very poor rolling on my part.
But still...

I still ust say I'm happy to see a pure Tzeentch list.
But I'd better leave the constructive critisism to others more up to date persons.
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