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Archaon's Horde 1000pts friendly

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Exalted Champion - shield, armour of damnation - 132pts(deployed with chosen warriors)

Sorcerer - level 2(lore of fire), barded steed, dispel scroll, dispel scroll - 186pts


Marauders - 25, flails, full command, light armour - 165pts

Marauder Horsemen - 5, musician, shields - 81pts


Chosen Chaos Warriors - 20, shields, full command - 420pts

Total - 984pts
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I have to say, you really overloaded that warrior unit. Nothing will be able to take it, but sic=nce you have 2 heroes already you're really cutting corners on model count. That marauder unit costs 175, not 165.
Your marauders should either go for the light armour and shield, or the naked back with flail, halfway gives you half results.

You really don't need chosen at this point, regular warriors will allow you to field some sopport units like warhounds or even a chariot.
Wolf has a point. Flails are for shock attacks, and marauders equiped with those shouldnt waste points on armour. If you want hard-hitting and long-lasting, take great weapons. Or, you know, chaos warriors...
To be honest you do not need a level 2 sorcerer at 1000pts. Drop the chaos warriors and go for either another larger block of marauders with shields and light armour or two chaos chariots with the mark of nurgle as fear causing chariots can really be effective. Also spend some points on a few units of chaos hounds to soak up enemy firepower and take out war machine crews.
If you really want to be effective though a good statagy might be to load up the marauders with both flails, shields and light armour giving you a bit more flexibility. If you are charging hit the enemy with flails, if you are being charged use handweapons and shield.
A great tactic is to give your general the helm of many eyes and a great weapon. This will allow him to dish out four S7 attacks before chargers meaning you have fewer enemy models striking back at you which is especially usefull if you are charged by knights.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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